THG Giveaway: Win The Big Book of Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Christmas is about to come early.

Simply by following a few very simple rules, and expressing your affection for Justin Bieber, you can win a free copy of The Big Book of Bieber, billed as the "All-in-One, Most-Definitive Collection of Everything Bieber."

The Big of Bieber

The tome chronicles Justin's rise to fame via YouTube and takes a close look at his friends, family, love life and more. It can be yours if you just...

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  2. Leave a Comment on this post of 150 words or fewer that tells us why you deserve the book. That's all it takes!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only; you may only enter once; and we'll select one winner at random by noon EST on Monday, December 12. Good luck!

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Cause my daughter is a huge fan and has almost everything from him. This would be a great Christmas present for her, she is such a huge fan she has turned nonbelibers into belibers.


I would love to win this book for both of my daughters, they just adore Justin Bieber! They know everything there is to know about him, and whenever they see an article about him they go wild. My daughters are 6 and 5 years of age, and they have the cutest crush on Justin. My 5 year old says that when she turns 6 she wants a kiss from Justin because that would be her first kiss, and she says, "well I guess Selena Gomez can be there, I don't care if she gets mad". It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to have this under the tree for my girls especially since my oldest is currently recovering from minor foot surgery and she is still very sad about it. This would make them both so very happy and brighten their Christmas! This is so very important to me to have for my daughters, it would make them so very, very happy! Please pick us!!


I must say, that i do not need this book. However, my 10 year old granddaughter is a Justin Bieber fanatic. Her birthday was December 6th and being on a fixed income, i was unable to get her a present. I could only afford to make her a card, which she loved. But if i could get the book for her, she would defiantly love it so much that she will be the envy of her friends. She loves him so much that she calls herself NYNY Bieber on facebook. Thank you from hopeless Mema. (this is what she calls me,priceless)


I'm witing for my daughter she is only 6. She loves Justin so much. I am in a rough spot in my life trying to go back to school to do better. She doesnt get things she wants i know that she would love to have this book. She sings and dances to his music every day. I know that this book would make her so happy if she one it so please pick my daughter to win this book. Thank You so much


Hello Hollywod Gosip ! I'm nominating my 11 yr old daughter Aurrianna for this book because she truely deserves this .I'm currently pregnant with my 4th child & we just made a huge move frm NJ to FL and she has been my rock through this whole process . As she is the oldest she helps around the house with the babies ,cleans up with me , helps me with laundry ,& brings honor rolls home from school. I never ask her to help she just volunteers and says mommy its okay I got it . I'm extremely proud of her everyday ! Besides being a great child she is Justin Biebers #1fan one day I will b able to afford to take her to his concert ,but until then ill cross my fingers & hope she wins this book ! Thank You HG for a great sweepstakes :)


I would like to win this book for my daughter, she is 11 years old. she thinks Justin is the hottest thing out there. I think she derserves to win this book cause she has several disablities and struggles everyday at school because of bullies (not just kids teachers too) But she goes to school to be with a friend that has downsydrom and that friend gets upset when my daughter isn't in school. They have the best relationship. The 2 of them Love to talk about Justin all the time. They both want to see him in concert someday. I know she would love to share this book with her friend. So please Pick Her, This would be one the GREATEST Christmas gift I could give here. Thank you From the bottom of our hearts!! GOOD LUCK ALL !!


I would love to get this book for my niece. She's 12 and she love Justin Bieber so much. This would be the best Christmas gift. Her mom is going through a hard time this year and won't be able to get all the things she asked for so I think once she sees this book under her tree she'll hopefully forget that she was unable to get the other things.


I really deserve to win this book. I'm justin's #1 fan. I have followed Justin every step of the way and support everything he does. Im a total Bieleber, and will never stop listening to his music. We don't have alot of $, and winning this book would bring me to tears. I will never stop believing,and the only thing that i can do; is pray that i'm the one girl who wins out of the hundreds who want to win. I really deserve this. Thankyou for your time & patience, hopefully you'll pick me ♥


My daughter love you ,she has everything you have inspired her to sing and play the guitar.It would mean so much to her if she got this book.Thank you.


I LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER . I really would want to win that book . I would literallly faint if i Won it . i Buy all of his stuff . His shirts / Wristbands / Neclaces , And his last other book now i want that one !!! . I even bought his bag , ALL ALBUMS . Stickers . Posters . Live Sizecutout , The first day Never Say Never the Movie i bought it . . And much more . Point is . I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER . He is soo nice , Carinq , And insperational . He is my insperation . i Went to his concert once and i literally cried :') . I iwsssh to get thatbook so badly .

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