THG Giveaway: Win The Big Book of Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Christmas is about to come early.

Simply by following a few very simple rules, and expressing your affection for Justin Bieber, you can win a free copy of The Big Book of Bieber, billed as the "All-in-One, Most-Definitive Collection of Everything Bieber."

The Big of Bieber

The tome chronicles Justin's rise to fame via YouTube and takes a close look at his friends, family, love life and more. It can be yours if you just...

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  2. Leave a Comment on this post of 150 words or fewer that tells us why you deserve the book. That's all it takes!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only; you may only enter once; and we'll select one winner at random by noon EST on Monday, December 12. Good luck!

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U can nevermind my post at 11:31


I deserve to win this book as much as anyone else does. I support him 100%, i would neverr talk about him or put him down, my walls r covered in his posters, i have alot of Bieber related things, i listen to his songs 24/7, i request his songs on the radio, he is my inspiration, and he taught me many things, but one specifically is to NEVER SAY NEVER, and your dreams can come true!! Good luckk Beliebers and to me too! :)


I deserve this Bieber Book because of sooo many different reasons. I never put him down, I always support him, I listen to his songs 24/7, i request his songs almost daily, my walls are COVERED in his posters, I have alott of Bieber things, I would do ANYTHING to meet him, but that never happened yet, I believe it will one day though, NEVER SAY NEVER, I went to hiss concert on 8-25-10, and that is one day I will NEVERR forget!


My 7 year old daughter would absolutely love this for her Birthday Dec.15th . She has loved Justin She listens to Justin all day, every day, and even has her dear old Mom liking " The Bieb's " too. Violet would love to have this book, I, as her Mom would truly appreciate it !! Thank you so much !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!


I love Justin Bieber and I need this book cuz i am a devoted belieber, every poster on my wall is Justin, I've learned every song he has ever made on the guitar, and have won talent shows from singing and playing his songs. I've gone to his concerts and I love each and every one, he is so cute and talented it would be sooo cool to learn more about the small kid from Statford Ontario, Please send me this book!!


My 15 year old daughter would absolutely love this. She has loved Justin since his early days and is a true believer and is always " defended " him to all the people that have nothing good to say about him on line. She listens to Justin all day, every day, and even has her dear old Mom liking " The Bieb's " too. She has been so inspired by this young man with everything he does and all he gives back, that she too now is so involved in our community. Helping out where ever she can, with her time, whatever is needed. So I thank you Justin for just being you and loving what you do, and being such a positive role model !! Kaylea would love to have this book, added to her ever growing Justin Bieber collection and I, as her Mom would truly appreciate it !! Thank you so much !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!


I love Justin because even though he is one of the biggest celebrities out there, he's still just a normal kid. He has managed to stay grounded and be true to himself and his family. He does a lot for everyone around him including his charity Pencils for Promise. I love Justin for being his true self and sticking through that as his career progresses. His music is so beautiful and has a meaning behind it all and that is what music is all about. I would love to win this big book of Bieber. I will cherish it forever. Thank You!


Well I love Justin because he is VERY insperational. He helps me follow my dreams and keep my head up high. Justin is also a very caring person who is sweet and loving. I think he is Just an amazing person the way he followed his dreams and got their.


My daughter Haley Grace Colt is 7, and due to alot of hardships we've encountered lately, I have been unable to get her much at all for Christmas. SHE LOVES JUSTIN BIEBER and if I can't get her Justin himself, this book will DEFINITELY make this best Christmas ever for her. Justin and his music have been such an inspiration to my daughter. This would be the perfect gift for her.... myself as well !


Im a 17 year old belieber since 2009. 150 words couldn't explain how much I want this. I would probably cry my eyes out if I won. I've never won anything and would be extremely greatful for this. I support Justin for everything he does no matter who with or what it is. I am know as the bieber freak around school and take the humulation it comes with. I honestly have been truly inspired by his charity work which have inspired myself to do charity work for breast cancer. Im not going to sit here and give you a lie of a story about my life. I just generally would be thankful to win. PLEASE PICK ME!

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