THG Giveaway: Win The Big Book of Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Christmas is about to come early.

Simply by following a few very simple rules, and expressing your affection for Justin Bieber, you can win a free copy of The Big Book of Bieber, billed as the "All-in-One, Most-Definitive Collection of Everything Bieber."

The Big of Bieber

The tome chronicles Justin's rise to fame via YouTube and takes a close look at his friends, family, love life and more. It can be yours if you just...

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  2. Leave a Comment on this post of 150 words or fewer that tells us why you deserve the book. That's all it takes!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only; you may only enter once; and we'll select one winner at random by noon EST on Monday, December 12. Good luck!

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I love Justin Bieber. Not only because he's cute but because he's an inspiration to everyone. He teaches us to NEVER give up on our dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. He is an amazing person. I love him so much and I'm a HUGE fan. It would be AMAZING to win this book. I've entered so many other give aways and have never been able to win anything special. It would be an honor to win this and I would be SO grateful.


I love learning every Justin Bieber fact I can. Justin is my world. Whenever Im feeling down I can listen to his music and it makes me feel better. I try every contest and I would do anything to meet him just to tell him how amazing he is to me and so many others. He has changed our world. Knowing Justin came from such a small town and has worked so hard makes me want to live for my dreams. I stick by him through everything and I am a proud Belieber. I was there since One time and I will be there till the end. I deserve this book just as much as any other true Beliber becuase we all love him equally, we are a family so good luck to everyone. never say never(:


In the past year and a half, my life was very tough. I was cutting myself and getting into fights everyday. But when I found Justin Bieber, and listened to his music. It changed me. I went to the doctor to begin my new life. Justin has help me through this hard time in my life, and he did not even know.


I don't deserve this book more than anyone else here, but it would be an honor and a blessing just to get it. I Telly want this book because Justin has taught me somuch, and he has really helped me to notice what the important things are in life and that you should always follow my dreams. It's doesn't matter how many posters you have covering your wall, or how much bieber merchandise you have. As long as you are willing to support justin., u r a true belieber. So I would be so amazed and greatul ifni got this book because Justin has change me in so many ways:)


I deserve a Big Bieber book because i love him. Oh and i just want a book of him he's soo cute


I'm going 2 be completely honest here! I'm 33 n a single mother of 2 girls n I always try 2 stay on top of the latest style n music with my girls n that's probably why my 5yr. old is completely in Love with Justin! I have plastered her bedroom walls with posters of him n she loves it! She asks me on a daily basis if I cud please take her 2 a concert, but, unfortunately, being a single mom on a budget, concert tickets r out of my range, so, I wud do anything I cud 2 give her such a wonderful gift n 2 see her eyes light up, just like they do when she looks at him! Now, I've never been a lucky person n I've never won anything before, but, I'm hoping that, becus, this is for my litl' lady that maybe my luck wud change, if only for a moment!! Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity, even if we don't win, it's been nice 2 have this chance 2 do something wonderful for my baby girl!! Hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday n a Happy New Year!!!!


Me and My Daughters LOVE Justin Bieber and are his biggest Fans My daughter deserves this book! Our whole family loves and supports Justin and His Amazing TALENT!!!! PLEASE WE DESERVE THIS BOOK!


I love Justin Bieber hes super duper cuter all his songs touch my heart . I really need this book it would be a blessing if i got it. He is an amazing perzon with a great heart and has an amazing future in front of him. I love everyone of his songs like i said they touch my heart. Im in love with juust his voice and how sweet he sounds i just really want and derseve this book.


I Deserve To Get This Book Because Justin Bieber Is An Inspirational Role Model To Me. His Talent Is Out Of This World ! His Looks Are Just A Bonus.(: & To See How Much He Did In His Career And He's Only 17 Is Just Amazing. To Have This Book Would Be A Gift To Me Because I Do Own A Lot Of Bieber Stuff But It Doesn't Matter How Much Bieber Merchandise You Have, You Have To Support Justin 1OO%. Belieber From The Beginning & Now To The End (: I Love You Justin Drew Bieber. THG Please I Deserve This Book Just As much As Any Person Here, But I Would Be So Happy & Appreciative If I Win This Book in Your Giveaway (: Thank You.


I didnt see my first post so i did another one, sorry

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