THG Giveaway: Win The Big Book of Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Christmas is about to come early.

Simply by following a few very simple rules, and expressing your affection for Justin Bieber, you can win a free copy of The Big Book of Bieber, billed as the "All-in-One, Most-Definitive Collection of Everything Bieber."

The Big of Bieber

The tome chronicles Justin's rise to fame via YouTube and takes a close look at his friends, family, love life and more. It can be yours if you just...

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  2. Leave a Comment on this post of 150 words or fewer that tells us why you deserve the book. That's all it takes!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only; you may only enter once; and we'll select one winner at random by noon EST on Monday, December 12. Good luck!

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I deserve to win the Book Of Bieber because, I feel that Justin is not just talented, he is caring and generous to everyone. Justin's music has helped through tough times, wether it be with boys or school. I love him and I have been a belieber for 3 years now. He has such a kind heart and is such an inspiration. I hope to win the book!


I think I deserve this book becuase I have been a fan of Justin Bieber forver and I will always b a fan. He is so inspiring becuase its so nice to have a teen pop singer thats an actual good influence on others. I know so much about him and I would ove to have this book, I would like to know more! I have seen every vedio, show, interview, and performance Justin has ever done. I talk about him 24/7. I always play his music too. I have turned so many friends into Belibers by just telling them about Justin Bieber.I play his music all the time. I always ask my teachers if I can play Christmas music and many have said yes. So it is so fun cause I always play songs from the Under The Mistletoe album. Me and my friends have so much fun and sing along. I have all of the Justin Bieber products so I need this book to finish my collection! I would love this book soooo much!!


I deserve The Big Book of Bieber because I love him more than anyone!!


i think i deserve this book becoz it will mean so much ti me


hey dis book is really nice


Good Evening:
I think that any true fan of Justin deserves this book. I am writing because my 7 year old neice in Canada is probably one of the biggest fans ever!!!! It is so cute to see her sing all the songs and look at him in awe on TV. Her bedroom is Justin Beiber everywhere. She recently visited me in the USA and we seen the dolls that sing and she went crazy!! This would be an absolute gift to her if I won this contest because I would present it to her at Christmas.
I wish everyone good luck and a joyous holiday!!!


Dwilkes, What a great story of how your daughter is now reading well!


(continuation of last comment by me) little did I know she would be surprising me by taking me to the concert! She pulled into a mall parking lot near the arena and handed me a paper and said "can you tell me the adress on this paper" I looked and they were the tickets I was so happy and they were floor seats! She had found them 1 week before the concert today 12/9/11 marks one year since ive seen justin I still love him the same if not more! Never say never


I love justin so much he means the world to me. I coukd be in the worst mood and just hearing his name or listening to music just puts the biggest smile on my face. It was almost the begining of my freshmen year of high school in 2010 I had won VIP tickets to see justin on september 1st the first day of school what belieber wouldnt be excited! As the days grew closer I had gotten the news that justin had been sick and my concert would be reschedualed till 12/9/10. The guy I had won the tickets from had to be there to claim the tickets
for us we later found out he would be on vacation and could not claim them so he refunded them. I went into a bieber depression I cried for weeks. The day of the concert I was so bummed I didnt even want to go to school because I had
friends Going who would be excited about it I had gotten a text frm my mom that morning saying I had to go to the mall with her


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