THG Giveaway: Win The Big Book of Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Christmas is about to come early.

Simply by following a few very simple rules, and expressing your affection for Justin Bieber, you can win a free copy of The Big Book of Bieber, billed as the "All-in-One, Most-Definitive Collection of Everything Bieber."

The Big of Bieber

The tome chronicles Justin's rise to fame via YouTube and takes a close look at his friends, family, love life and more. It can be yours if you just...

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  2. Leave a Comment on this post of 150 words or fewer that tells us why you deserve the book. That's all it takes!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only; you may only enter once; and we'll select one winner at random by noon EST on Monday, December 12. Good luck!

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How do we find out the winner?


I love Justin! I always want his albums and books but I don't have enough money to buy them! I tired to go to his concert but same reason, I didn't have enough money. I would love to win this big book! Please choose me!#neversaynever!


I have loved justin Bieber since his youtube channel, I have loads of his posters all over my walls. I cried for days when I found out I couldnt go to his concert and I dream about the day I make a fil with him, I once watched all of series 11 of CSI: Las Vegas because he was in one of the episodes and i didnt want to miss him (I dont even like CSI) I love him so much, i startede hating selena gomez on tv or listen to her music because he was with her. Love u JBxxx


i think i deserve the big book of bieber because i love him alot and i have almost every thing of justin bieber,but this book so i could finish my shelf of justin would mean a lot also because if i get it i could keep it or i could give it to my cousin who loves justin bieber also.and also i have liked him since his first youtube vidio and i am not like alot of other girls that hate selena gomez just because she is dating justin,actually i have a lot of selena gomez products also.and finally i think all girls who love justin bieber should get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In all honesty, I do not deserve "The Big Book of Bieber" .... ALL BELIEBERS do!
We are all a family, we love one another, and we all have the same passionately fierce LOVE for Justin Bieber! We love him for his charisma, voice, generosity, kindness, optimism, beauty, and his appreciation for his family (Beliebers). Justin not only verbally expresses his love for us, he demonstrates it with his acts of charity for those in need and the general public. Yes, I would love to be the owner of "The Big Book of Bieber"- Justin is an inspiration and a part of me as a Belieber; Like I said before, we are a family and even if I do not win, I will be over joyed for the one that does.


I deserve this book of course because: i'm not a fan, im' a belieber, but not a belieber like anyone else. I don't think it's important to have 100 posters of him, or to know his songs memorized. I think that's important to support him through everything he's during. And BUY his songs like me, not download it. I have been to alot of his concerts. He is inspiring me, he's giving me hope, he's the reason why i'm always positive and say "never say never". I have his parfume, his book: "first step 2 forever, and alot of his things and products. I could cry every time i saw him, he's adorable, and has a very big talent. Btw he's got SWAG!


I've loved Justin Bieber ever since the start of his Youtube channel. I went to a lot (and i mean a lot) of his concerts because my family friend is friends with his manager. He is an amazing role model and the sweetest boyfriend to Selena. Even though I am sad he is no longer single, I'm happy for him and the great success he has received (he really deserves it). All those haters are just jealous of his immense talent. Having this book would only remind me to keep moving forward through hard times and to look up to the only role model I've ever had.


justin bieber so collllll


I deserve this book bcuz I have been his fan ever since he posted videos on YouTube. I have always loved nd looked up to him longer then anyone else. Whenever I listen to his music or hearing about him I would be in such I great mood.I absolutely love hime with all my heart and I watched his movie a million times. he is soo kind and loves his family and is totally not self centered or conceited. I was never able to go to his concerts but heard about it from my friends. I am very upset that I wasn't able to go to his concerts. I would like this book because I wasn't able to go. He is beautiful and handsome. He is a man and not a boy. I am not someone who hates Selena just because she's dating him. I am happy for hime and hopes he will always be happy. I hope that I will be able to receive this book and thank you!


I think I deserve this book because not only is he my idol, he is my inspiration. Whenever I`m sad,happy,etc. I listen to him and it makes me happy. I have been a fan for years, and would love it if I got this book.

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