THG Caption Contest: When Justin Bieber Met Obama ...

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

What was the most powerful man on earth thinking or saying when he came face to face with ... President Obama? You tell us! Send in your captions for this pic!

All you have to do to play is click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s) - as many as your heart desires. Go to it! We will announce a winner Monday.

Best of luck, Beliebers. Best of luck.

Bam and Bieb
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O-bama, bama, bama oooooo


Barack: You kind of look like my daughter.....


Barrack: You have so many followers,all I need is your vote!!!!


Lets agree you might be more popular than me but I'am still the President!


Thanks for taking some of the focus off me this year, I owe ya!" This could be used for either person :)


Justin: Want to trade places for a day?
Barack: Not a chance fella.


I hope throwing a smile at my face @ you, will really make my vote count..:)


May I have this dance?


So, er, Barack, you reckon you can rap on my next single?


Don't look now but over your left shoulder is your baby mama!

Barack Obama Biography

Barack and Michelle Obama Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. He became a Democratic U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2004, and has... More »
Honolulu, Hawaii
Full Name
Barack Hussein Obama II

Barack Obama Quotes

I do think in Washington, it's a little bit like American Idol. But everybody is Simon Cowell.

Barack Obama

I think I'm a pretty cool dad.

Barack Obama
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