The X Factor Results: Who Moved On?

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Following one of the most surprising, emotional results of the season (we miss you, Rachel!), The X Factor pretty much stuck to the script on this week's results show.

After dragging out the elimination for as long as the show could - first, Florence + The Machine played, then Melanie and Chris advanced to next Wednesday's finale - it came down to Marcus Canty and Josh Krajcik. And the latest hopeful sent packing was...

Marcus Canty on Stage

Marcus Canty!

The fun dancer simply could not overcome a performance from the previous night that Simon Cowell labeled as "grotesque and horrific."

"God blessed me so much," Canty said after his name was called "It's not over yet."

Did America make the right choice in sending Marcus home?


I just want to know does Rachelle Cross get her own bathroom? and what will she do next? I am very glad for the final 3. what willl happen to Chris and Josh?


i still think that rachel should have been in the top 3 she should have never went home so was so great and knocked it out each time she performed on that stage .i really hope chris takes its he is so great and he performed so good last night .


Think that Josh and Melanie should both win and split the 5 mil.


good riddence. marcus def overstayed his welcome. mek is obvious winner. josh sings well but looks dirty. a shame the show never cleaned him up like they did with mel. josh did do great job on halleluyah. he should have sung more songs like that during show, rather than rock-heavy beatles songs. a shame he had scarynicole as his mentor.


Thank GOD he's out that dude cant sing and he cries fake tears when he sings for survival #TeamRachel


i'm sooooo glad knOw i wAnt either josh or melanie amaro to win.