The X Factor Results: This Is It For...

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Two contestants were forced to say This Is It on The X Factor tonight, as a pair of hopefuls Beat It off stage in eliminations that were the result of their Michael Jackson-themed covers from the previous evening.

So, who got the boot?

The Factor Final 5


Early on in the hour, the top three of Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene and Rachel Crow were passed through to the next round. Astro, the 15-year old rapper from Brooklyn was then sent packing, reacting in a far more mature manner then when he was forced to sing for his survival two weeks ago.

He hugged his fellow contestants and thanked his "Astronauts."

It then came down to Drew and Marcus Canty, with Paula Abdul casting the deciding vote for the former based on her chair-based performance from Tuesday night. Drew fought off tears, gave praise to Jesus and said she has "a lot to show" the world still.

"I think she's a little star and I think America knows she's going to be a star," Simon Cowell said of his protege.

What is your take on these eliminations?


I am a total fan of "Josh"! I think he has a SUPER voice and I have my fingers crossed that he will
Win this competition!!! He reminds me so much of Joe Cocker, who is for me one of the best of all


i am very hard on ppl who do mj becuase no one could ever do what he did. so im very hard on ppl they always get kicked when they do his stuff cuz he is untouchable. how ever drew brang tears to my eyes i thought she did great with billie jean an she should of never went home. x factor made a big mistake

Shirley cannon

Frankly I think Paula and Nicole should have went home and the big record produder who down Drew every week. Simon needs to fire his judges and get some new ones


Astro was a disrespectful brat. He definitely did not have the Xfactor. He is talented with his rap but sucks as a human. I would NOT buy his music because of his arrogance


Thank God scary ass Astro is gone! Good riddance. Drew did always sound the same. She seems sweet, but her sound could be captured by any girl singing like a baby. She needed to show some variety. Again, a shame, because (unlike Astro turd) Drew seemed really sweet. I expect Simon will do something with her. He should consider having her release a Christmas song STAT to keep her in people's minds.


Everyone knows Drew has a very very amazing voice but somehow in all performances she obviously lacked the mysterious X factor


I pull for Josh in #1 spot, #2 Melanie Amaro and #3 Chris Renee. That's how I see it as far as talent. I've always been good picking the AI winner very early on. I'm glad Chris made it through, I was worried.


Drew sounded the same to me every week. I normally DVR and start watching about 30 min. or more into the show so I can fast forward thru the annoying host and commercials. I oftened fast forwarded thru Astro and at least 1/2 of Drew's performance because she was so boring. She always disturbed me that she was 14 and yet she sang like she was 30. It was kinda creepy. I definitely thought Marcus's performance was better and really moving. Don't know why people are hating on Nicole and Paula. I totally agreed with their comments from last night about Drew and Marcus. I think Simon needs to stop acting like a Brat and being so nasty to Nicole every week.


Astro needed to go but I really think RAchel should have been the one... Her performance was not that great for MJ tribute


Neither Marcus or Drew would've won so it doesn't matter which one went home. That being said, Drew is a much better singer that Marcus. She is unique and I love her voice. Marcus is just ordinary. And where Drew's performances needed more of a "show", Marcus's need a whole lot less of a "show". As for Astro, Simon should have sent him packing the first time he was in the bottom. He's just a punk and I don't like him at all. Yes, he can write but he acts as though the world owes him something and he comes across as an ungrateful brat. There is a reason American kept putting him in the bottom.