The X Factor Results: This Is It For...

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Two contestants were forced to say This Is It on The X Factor tonight, as a pair of hopefuls Beat It off stage in eliminations that were the result of their Michael Jackson-themed covers from the previous evening.

So, who got the boot?

The Factor Final 5


Early on in the hour, the top three of Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene and Rachel Crow were passed through to the next round. Astro, the 15-year old rapper from Brooklyn was then sent packing, reacting in a far more mature manner then when he was forced to sing for his survival two weeks ago.

He hugged his fellow contestants and thanked his "Astronauts."

It then came down to Drew and Marcus Canty, with Paula Abdul casting the deciding vote for the former based on her chair-based performance from Tuesday night. Drew fought off tears, gave praise to Jesus and said she has "a lot to show" the world still.

"I think she's a little star and I think America knows she's going to be a star," Simon Cowell said of his protege.

What is your take on these eliminations?


Grandparents aren't cool enough to watch XFactor anyhow! Yeah, the ugly Drew got the boot and lil Astro, not to be confused with the dog on The Jetson's!


What a shame Drew has a special voice. Nicole and LA never liked Drew and it showed, but Paula shame on you... Our family will not watch again because voting is unfair.


keep little mix becaus tere are good at sing they dont need a leader to sing . i what to sing on x factor one day and you got to put me to the next finle . i have loved little mix sins they 1 sang on the x factor this year and justin bieber .


I think all the judges who sent drew home is not very nice against her,but thanx for all who ted for her...WE LOVE YOU DREW XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


i want to hear josh sing cold november rain by guns and roses and turn the page by bob segar


Can,t you people see that these kids are,nt getting judged fairly!!Its all about the judges fighting amongst themselves!If paulas mad at simon then she dis,s his kid and viceversa among them all!No matter how good the kid is it depends on the judges mood,never thought simon would run a show so unprofessional!!


First of all if they are going off the "Save me song" then Astro should have gone off weeks ago. His performance was terrible and his attitude was the worst! He should have never stayed! I understand why LA kept his performer but I am very upset at Nicole and Paula. They voted her off because they wanted to get back at Simon. It had nothing to do with their performances. Which is SO wrong!! Paula should have voted off Marcus and they would of went to DEADLOCK. This way it would have been up to the audience! Sorry to see you go Drew! Good luck and I'm sure I will be seeing your album out soon.. I will definitely buy it! :)


I felt that the three judges LA Reid, Paula Abdul and Nicole did an injustice X factor they were all against Simon. They should of asked themselves why was Marcus Canty in the bottom two again I feel that if you are in the bottom two the second time there is no need for judges to vote america has spoken then that person needs to go home. Simple as that LA Reid, Paula and Nicole I hope that you really think about the contestants and trying to get back at Simon. Shame on you three!!!!!!

Maryanne gaeta

I agree with Shirley Cannon.... I cannot stand Paula Abdul or that Nicole whatever her last name is: they are 2 dumb wits and are also soooo jealous over soooo many issues on this show.....Love Simon Cowell, and they purposely go against him every week....I don't understand why Simon even hired these 2 idiots....L.A. Reid is another one who is jealous of Simon....the way these judges act every week is sickening....little Rachel Crow has more common sense than all of them....


The show will not be good until they change the system. Being mentors for a group only creates a biased group of judges. There will only be one winner anyway and that's the Amaro lady