The X Factor Results: This Is It For...

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Two contestants were forced to say This Is It on The X Factor tonight, as a pair of hopefuls Beat It off stage in eliminations that were the result of their Michael Jackson-themed covers from the previous evening.

So, who got the boot?

The Factor Final 5


Early on in the hour, the top three of Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene and Rachel Crow were passed through to the next round. Astro, the 15-year old rapper from Brooklyn was then sent packing, reacting in a far more mature manner then when he was forced to sing for his survival two weeks ago.

He hugged his fellow contestants and thanked his "Astronauts."

It then came down to Drew and Marcus Canty, with Paula Abdul casting the deciding vote for the former based on her chair-based performance from Tuesday night. Drew fought off tears, gave praise to Jesus and said she has "a lot to show" the world still.

"I think she's a little star and I think America knows she's going to be a star," Simon Cowell said of his protege.

What is your take on these eliminations?


what a shame for nicole unable to make out who is the better singing star!
please resign the seat. nicole!
i can not believe you can not see who is better.
i wonder what to make you qualify be the judge?????
i cried not only for rachael but for the x factor.
yet i believe like simaon said, we will see rachael years to come with or without the s factor title!


What the heck was Nicole thinking? ( I can't do this, I can't vote. )
Marcus, WAS NOT THAT GOOD, LAST NIGHT. I,honestly believe that Rachael was meant to be in the final 4. As for LA,sure, he's going to make sure his protege goes on. And Nicole could'nt or would'ny commit. WHAT EVER. There should be A RE-VOTE, between RACHAEL and Marcus, AND NOT FROM THE 4 JUDGES.. LET THE VIEWERS DECIDE.


I do not like the way the judges have a say in elimination. America should be deciding votes. I do not believe Rachael was the least vote. It is all for show, and the judges decide who should go and who should stay. Do not like Nicole one bit and LA is to bias.




I totally agree we have a judge who likes her camera time....a tad not ready for the job....someone should have prepared her for the position and its responsibilities....which she can't 'man' up to....not material for next years show...oh Simon 'look for a replacement' who understands judging. Rachael Crowe should be STILL on this show; rest assured we'll see her on stage again and again....she's true blue star quality material....


nicole is a hot mess acting like she cant make a decision and then the the nerve to cry. i hope the xfactor producers get rid of her next season or the viewersship will go down with her.


Good riddance to Astro the spoiled rotten brat. He can't sing. He refused to dance. He showed nothing but disrespect to everyone. My favorite is Melanie. I think they need to stop the mentor program. It just creates a bias where the judges lose all sense of objectivity and it ruins the show. Otherwise I love it.


Thank you Lisa Bartlett..good to see someone with a brain on here!! A side note: i think Paula should stay, axe Nicole S., and keep LA Reid for now! Maybe, The Voice would trade Christina for Nicole and put Christina on X Factor..that'd probably make both shows more watchable!!


Colete, Bob Seger is 70's. Please don't do that to us!! Also, Simon said he made a mistake having Drew sing that boring rendition of Michael Jackson tune.


Disagree Dick, Marcus is a good least for Michael Jackson tunes. Why he got the save. Actually, the other day..Simon was cruel to LA cause he would dare to say Drew not good. Esp. after Cowell had stood up for him! Paula and Nicole both did not care for Drew..and i agree. Simon made a mistake, he said having her sat down and bore the heck out of us, with a Michael Jackson song. Marcus, he was entertaining. i look forward to being entertained by Marcus again!!