The X Factor Results Show: Down to Four...

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Another young contestant got sent home this week on The X Factor.

A week after Drew Ryniewicz was reduced to tears, the same fate befell 13-year old Rachel Crow, who fell into the bottom two and then got eliminated after the judges deadlocked and the show left the final decision up to viewers.

X Factor Results Pic

After falling into her mother's arms following the reading of the verdict, Crow - whose Tuesday night performances you can watch HERE - composed herself and said:

"I love you so much, everybody, for voting for me and thank you for giving me this because without you I am nothing. I hope this is not my ending. I know it's not and I will go so far. I promise you!"

What do you think? Did Rachel deserve to go home this week?


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Amen to Khloe and Dark Angel. If the X-Factor is going to last a few things need to happen. First, show Nicole the door-if she going to be in a show like this she needs to be able to make tough decisions. Second, show that prick Steve Jones the door-He cuts the judges off when they want to speak and asks them for a comment at the wrong times (Nicole was booed last night). Third, publish all voting numbers-makes me think the show is rigged. The prick Steve has no written results-he is just told through an earpiece. How do we know how america voted? Fourth, get rid of the groups division. And lastly, How the hell is Chris Rene still on this show? Thank the Lord for DVR-Fast Foward x4.


People stop! I like marcus and racheal, to me it didnt matter who went home. They both are going to get sign either way and them are talent. So what marcus sing r&b, i dont want to hear no damn pop and country all the damn time. This no lady gaga world baby, try something else different. And i will be buying cd, oh! There will be plenty of people geting his cd, not no damn borning azz Drew.


complete train wreck. nicole should have voted marcus off the show; he has been in the bottom for many weeks! no one likes him, which means no one will buy his records. he only sings r&b, which drastically limits his overall appeal. nicole is a disaster and needs to be replaced on the show. bring back cheryl cole. why is it LA has to vote to keep marcus on the show just because he is the mentor? rachel sang better so him voting for marcus makes him look like a biased idiot. totally lost respect for him. he is a horrible judge and also needs to be replaced.


Rachel has only been on the show this long thanks to simon, marcus is a much better entertainer than she is. Rachel deserved to go, long overdue! And leave nicole alone, she's nothing like spiteful self-absorbed simon and will not dance to his tune!


I think Nicole thought that Rachel would have more then enough votes, which is why she pulled that p.c. Bullcrap and deadlocked. But, rachel is super talented and I think she will have an amazing career, so not all is lost.


unreal marcus is still on show. even he acknowledged he keeps being voted in bottom two. he knows the public doesnt like him. why was it so hard for nicole to vote him off? rachel's crying was heartbreaking, but i did think she was milking it for sympathy (she is 14 and at that "dramatic" age). i assume simon will make big changes next year - getting all new judges and a new host. this season was painful all around. give melanie the money and end this dying show.


@Dark angel -True dat. True dat.


what? nicole is'nt an idiot-da woman is a self-righteous cunt who rather sit on da fence then follow her heart. keeping quite just makes her da biggest villian in da show, @ least simon tells it like it is


Poor baby racheal. She didn't deserve to go. Nicole is an idiot who cant make a decision.