The X Factor Final Three: Who Will Win?

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Marcus Canty, as most people predicted, was the victim on last night's X Factor results show, leaving Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene to vie for the title.

Canty had been in bottom two four weeks in a row, and last week’s publicly unpopular elimination brought a lot of pressure - too much for him to last another week.

“The pressure is off," he said in an exit interview after last night. "I don’t have to sing no more save me’s. I don’t got to worry about America shooting me down."

"I ain’t got to worry about Simon giving me heat. I can just relax.”

The pressure may be off Canty, but for Amaro, Krajcik and Rene, it's just beginning.

Next week's finale means the culmination of their journey, but only one will be crowned champion. Canty played coy when reporters asked him who he thought would win.

“I think Chris [Rene] can do Chris, Melanie [Amaro] does Melanie, and Josh [Krajcik] … who knows who is going to win, man? I’m enjoying myself. It’s a beautiful day.”

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Who will win The X Factor?


I would be happy if Melanie won and I would buy her cd, I'd understand if Josh won, he has a great voice but needs more stage presence. I wouldn't buy his cd though. Chris Rene shouldn't even be in the finals.


Josh should be the winner. Raw talent, extreme raw talent. He has the VERY BEST VOICE and CAN SING ANYTHING. I would buy any CD he can get on the market; Josh is truly amazing. VOTE PEOPLE, BRING JOSH HOME AS THE WINNER OF X-FACTOR WHICH HIS TALENT IS TRULY DESERVING OF. Melanie is good if you want ballads which copy other singers all the time and has no individual flare. Chris has an enlightening story but sorry the voice and range is not in the winner circle.


Josh should be the winner but the most talented contestant doesn't always win. All the kid votes will go to Chris Rene since young singers like Marcus and Rachel and Astro have gone in the last 3 weeks. I implore the voting public to vote online or call or text even if they've never voted before in any competition. This guy is the real deal, and he needs our support. Chris can't even sing. He's just getting sympathy votes. He's a nice guy who's had a hard life. However, they've all had a hard life, so let's just put the talent through. We can vote for 2 hours after the broadcast next week, and I beg all Josh fans to vote the full 2 hours as that is what the kids will be doing. If we don't counter act that move by voting, we'll be looking at Chris winning next week. VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!


I think josh should be the winner, his voice is excellent. He has the best vocal, if isn't josh is melanie, it would be a big mistake, if Chris win.


My gurl Mel is going to win it all, there is nothing boring about Mel. @ Toys and Lolo, u all most have a bump some where u all forhead? Chris is not going win, if he do, that will be sad. Yes he is ok talent but, not going to sale any cds like that.


Chris rene deserves to. Melanie shud not hav been back in d competition. She is too boring its d same thing evry week after week. Its time to go melanie. Simon chose d wrong girls, he sent d better talents home


Melanie can sing but is super boring. All she does is ballads. No personality. Her "accent" only comes out when she's making a speech, when she is just talking backstage or caught off guard she has zero accent. I don't understand why she made such a big deal about it, it was not a big struggle in my opinion. Chris Rene is super talented, may not have the best voice but is very marketable for today's music. Josh seems to be a great guy & he's older so it will be hard for him but I wish he would win because he probably has the least chance out of the 3 to make it so the money will be good for him. The other 2 will do just fine.


mel will win, hands down. she is most marketable. josh is good but doesnt have clean look. he seems nice but should have cleaned up some for the show. mel can be the new whitney/mariah, which people like. she'll sell more records. hands down she will win.


Josh will be the winner he has blown this finals competition and has rose the bar level where no one can reach. Raw talent extreme raw talent.
Honest, loving, warm, sincere, humble and true.. A true performer he is . I cannot wait to see this live on TV .. You have had my vote since the beginning since you performed the song at last. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW ..What I would give to see him live to perform and hear and him sing on stage. What a dream of a lifetime. It is not every day we see performers and raw singer like Josh.

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