The Virgin Diaries Premiere: Let the Awkwardness Begin!

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The Virgin Diaries made its (sort of) anticipated premiere Sunday, and TLC's new gawk-fest was every bit as "educational" or exploitative as you would expect.

Viewers of the TLC show soon found out that Shanna and Ryan - whose awkward wedding day kiss was promoted in previews, soon consummate their marriage.

The results of their first fornication foray? Mixed.

After losing their virginity together on their wedding night, Ryan said: "It was good, but not as good as I was expecting ... It was not really like in the movies."

No man, it's really not. Feel ya.

Virgin Diaries Pic

Get a room you two!!

Shanna, meanwhile, tries to put a positive spin on it, calling sex with her man "an amazing experience" despite the fact that she found intercourse itself "really painful."

Earlier, contemplating the V-card swap, she admitted she was worried. "I’m a little nervous," she said. Nervous about actual intercourse I would say. Scared."

Poor girl. At least it couldn't have gone on long.

The big night began with a strategic plan:

"I think that you should take a shower first, and then I’ll take a shower, and then I’ll put on my lingerie, and I’ll come into the room," Shanna tells her spouse.

"And I'll have a surprise waiting for you," says Ryan, provocatively.

Shanna adds: "We’ll have our robes on, we’ll slowly take our robes off, then do foreplay, and then have sex." It's like she's got it down to a science already!

These two, of course, were completely inexperienced - they hadn't even kissed before swapping vows (as their bizarre stance during the wedding showed).

Note to couples out there: Abstinence is great if that's what you're into, but maybe practice a kiss here and there before trying it in front of a major crowd.

That part was tough to watch, and not because they tried to inhale each other's faces. We've all been there. But the audience ogling/staring/laughing? Sad.

TLC exec Timothy Kuryak defended the show, saying "Losing one’s virginity is a big life decision, a seminal life moment that’s interesting to follow for TLC."

Do you agree? What do you think of The Virgin Diaries?


I'm 29 and still a virgin, not totally out of free choice. When I was 18 I felt too young for it and wanted the right person to do it with and later I just never got close to it as I was battling an accident and through that accident obesity, so I felt insecure and not attractive enough for it anymore, which was probably the case as guys didn't hit on me anymore. Watching this show makes me feel even more like an alien though. It was horrible. They looked so awkward, gross and stupid I cringed so much, I constantly had to fastforward.... I don't have a poblem with sex, but of course I don't tell everyone right of the bat that I'm a virgin. Actually only very very few friends know.... But seriously how can I not feel like a total freak after watching this?!! Are there any "normal" people around 30 who are virgins?


I just couldn't stop laughing when I watched this. It was just so awkward and I think that whether u wanna save yourself for marriage is your decision but not kissing til u get married I mean come on. Seriously?


@ExpAArtygurl That is the most truthful comment I have ever read. I laughed so hard when I read it. Who buys a car without a test drive?


A kiss is kiss, but what is this??
The last time I saw such an ugly display of smooching was when Liza Minnelli and David Gest got married back in 2002. Talk about an eat you alive mouth to mouth catastrophe. Even weird hairdo wearing Donald Trump commented on that kiss at the wedding. Speaking of kisses and wedding,Liza and David's wedding reception lasted longer than the marriage. I don't know about these "newlyweds" but the awkwardness of a kiss can reveal more than we all Need to know about a young inexperienced couple in love!!


Good Lord that was painful to watch. What will they think when they watch the show and see just how gross their "kiss" was?! I would be beyond mortified. I won't continue to watch this show because I feel it's exploitive and just plain dumb. How anyone can go on national tv and let people know they're a virgin is beyond me. I don't have anything against anyone keeping their virginity until marriage but seriously why let the world in on something that should be private between partners? I must be missing something because I really don't get the point.


@pak 31... I agree with you. Why keep yourself pure and then tell all on tv? Seems somewhat contradictive to me. I found it interesting someone was a reclaimed virgin. It's only once your a true virgin. Just saying.


It's a free a virgin as long as you like; but I have to say those kisses made me a little sick! They looked like two animals trying to chew eachothers face off!


One Word: GROSS


I don't know, kissing is kind of a natural thing, it's like they are exaggerating the "awkwardness" of it. A bit dramatic to me. I know I can change the channel or not watch but, seriously why would anyone want to watch this? To hear about some strangers first time? Which to them should be personal and private and to the audience is really none of our business. Wow, the power money has on people.

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