The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Bachelorette, the Book and the Breakdown

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So are we all still in recovery mode after Taylor Armstrong's complete meltdown at Brandi Glanville's Malibu party last week? To see how The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pull themselves together, come along for THG's official +/- recap!

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    Is it me or does jiggy look DEAD ? Why on earth dos Lisa ALWAYS carry that dog anruod, GOD please, ENOUGH already Lisa ! LOL


    This phoney drama queen is a fake as her lips & boobs. Why didn't her husband off her 1st before killing himself??? Probably wanted to get away from her completely & didn't want her ugly trailor trash. grifting ass to follow him into eternity.


    Yeah I'll never look at Kyle the same way again, after how she treated her sister last season. I bet Kim is the one who paid for Kyles nose job. Doubt that Kyle would have landed her husband if she had her original nose. She should kiss Kims ass.


    L Tate said a mouthful! My sentiments on this season-exactly!
    I still enjoy watching Lisa. I do wish Adrienne would show a softer side to her husband. I hope that's all for the camera's b/c it's becoming disturbing and old.
    Taylor should NOT be asked back by Bravo. She's clearly become undone~~probably drinks way too much and downplays that. Who knows if she was beaten? I'd have to really question that. I think she is a habitual liar and needs to be surrounded by the bling of the BH lifestyle in order to feel important and have some sense of self-worth. How sad for her! I feel badly about this book she's written and that his children will be subject to its contents, especially if it's all fabricated. I've NEVER cared for her and if Bravo signs her up again, I'm out all together. Kim breaks my heart. I hope she stays in rehab and becomes whole again. That Dana can go as well. I think she's odd as ever. The series just isn't fun anymore. Bravo---you need to clean up like RHWNY!!!


    I watched Taylor's meltdown and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Seriously, she needs help. All I hear is her moods and behavior are someone else's fault. I have never seen her be accountable for her behavior. All Camille did was point out the elephant in the room, while the other bhh were dancing aroung the abuse issue. I am fed up with her and cannot stomach the show anymore. The bhh are neither real nor housewives.


    This show is still my favorite but its losing its class. Taylory is so DISGUSTING! She's an alcoholic and needs help. She has to degrade herself and humiliate herself just for the benjamins? It's not worth it. Many people from reality shows have committed suicide because of this. I loved it when Brandi asked Taylor to leave. I wonder if the accusations regarding Russell are true. She probably drove him to beat her if she acts like that. My favs are Adrienne, Lisa, Camille and Brandy. Dana does not fit in anywhere.


    I love Camille this season, she seems like a very sweet, honest person. Kyle however, WTF??? SHe has turned into a nasty nasty woman and always seems to need to be the center of attention. Adrienne is a little to materialistic for me. And Brandi seems sweet as well, I wish some of the other women would give her more of a chance. As for need major psychiatric help.


    This show is still my favorite but its losing its class. Taylory is so DISGUSTING! She's an alcoholic and needs help. Who degrades the


    I know this is not nice (sorry) but every time I watch Taylor (and the way her mouth looks) I can't help but think of "Pete Puma" from Bugs Bunny.


    This show disgusts me. First of all, will someone tell me where Taylor learned to smile just like her husband with both upper and lower teeth completely showing? They look like idiots. She has the strangest mouth - she is odd looking all around. Kyle is a nasty, mean trouble maker. Kim is a drug addict and/or alcoholic. I have read she is now in rehab again. She looks terrible, and at least 15 years older than she is. The rest of the "girls" are just silly and have silly useless lives. But Kim and Taylor need help desperately. Taylor now has a "book" coming out. What a loser. After all her talk about keeping the bad stuff from her daughter, now she is blabbing it all in a book for $$$$$.

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