The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Taylor Armstrong, You're Uninvited!

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Just when you might think a party can't get more dramatic than Brandi's Malibu blowout, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills go and prove you wrong.

This time it's not so much about the crazy catfights as it is about who gets "Uninvited" and we'll recap all the angst in THG's official, weekly +/- review!

It's Kyle's annual White Party and despite that she's had a year to plan the soiree, she leaves everything for the last couple of weeks.

As workmen are still setting things up two hours before the event, Kyle is lamenting to Mauricio that the chandeliers aren't lit. He simply shrugs and says they're working on it.

Taylor Armstrong Crying

Hey, the guy's doing all he can to look ruggedly handsome with his stubbled chin and white outfit and I'm not complaining. Plus 10 for looking handsome and remaining calm amidst the chaos. That particular talent will come in handy later on.

Pre-party, Camille calls Adrienne to let her know that Russell sent her an e-mail threatening to sue her for her "slanderous" comments at Lisa's tea party.

Camille shows her attorneys who tell her not to have any contact with Russell or Taylor. Plus 5 for sound advice but since they're all suppose to be at the same party tonight that's going to be a little awkward.

Thus starts a game of phone tag and no one can reach Taylor. Turns out she and Russell are flying back from Vegas just to make Kyle's party.

In the meantime the party's starting and the Housewives are having a group freak out with everyone worrying about Russell suing them. By the time Russell and Taylor arrive the entire tribe accosts them on the front walkway.

Bravo, Kim

Minus 12. This doesn't need to be an ambush but Kyle can't stop bawling long enough to get the words out. Mauricio should have stepped up and simply told Russell and Taylor that several guests were uncomfortable and it would be better if they didn't attend.

Instead it's a Housewives debacle with everyone talking over one another and Kyle still crying. As Russell and Taylor retreat, the entire gang practically follow them into the limo. Minus 8 because no one knows how to let this go and walk away.

In the end I almost felt sorry for Taylor. I'm not convinced she had any clue what Russell had done. 

And Plus 10 to Paul who calls Russell on his bullsh!t when he tries to say his e-mail was nothing but nice. 

Brandi Gets Wet

While all of this is going on outside, inside Kim is attacking Brandi. Why?

God only knows. Minus 11 because Kim seems fixated on the free spirited Brandi who has apologized several times at this point.

Kim is determined to cause a scene as Brandi stands there and simply takes it. Plus 15. Not only does Brandi not stoop to Kim's level, she has the good sense to walk away when Kim pushes her kids at the woman.

I can't say I think much of Kim's new beau Ken. He stands there and watches Kim make a fool out of herself. Is she under the influence or is it just Kim being Kim?

So, it's yet another outrageously bad party in Beverly Hills. With this much yelling and tears you'd think eventually they'd just stop trying. But then what fun would it be to watch.



You really need to remove Kim from this show...she is mean ugly, jealous and I can not stand the way she picks on Brandy because she is jealous of her...please remove her


Has anyone noticed that Russell Armstrong is tagged in this article?!


Kyle really overacted with the crying and over emoting. Is she psychologically 10 years old? Her husband appears to be tired of the little girl act. It's a chore to watch this immature spoiled brat and I wouldn't miss her if she left the show. Taylor is a piece of work and she is no innocent. She bad mouthed her husband and tried to make Camille take the blame. I can't stand this amoral con artist/grifter who would sell out her baby's father for a storyline and TV fame. I think she bears some responsibility for the tragic outcome. I like Adriennes husband Paul. He was adult, honest, direct. AND he was right. If you behave like troublemakers, suing people because of your wifes lies and stories, no one in their right mind would want to be near you. Anyone with eyes can see that Taylor was the instigator for the drama on this episode.


Does anyone really think that Taylor and Russell didn't check the multiple messages and texts sent before the party and know they would be asked to leave?? Please. And a coincidence that Russell sent a message to Camille a day before the biggest joint filming event of the season? They were hoping to get more air time with conflict, as it's the only thing that would make them relevant. Watch the scene again when they get in the limo...they may be professional scam artists, but they're definitely not professional actors! Remember, at all costs, the goal was to remain on the show because it was the only financial hope they had, and it's well-established that prior to this point in filming the couple had already lied and cheated to do it.


Kim Richards is a full-blown lunatic. Her behavior in last night's episode at her sister's party was completely ridiculous and embarrassing! If I were Kyle, I would disown her! She's a train wreck in progress!

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