The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Taylor Armstrong, You're Uninvited!

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Just when you might think a party can't get more dramatic than Brandi's Malibu blowout, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills go and prove you wrong.

This time it's not so much about the crazy catfights as it is about who gets "Uninvited" and we'll recap all the angst in THG's official, weekly +/- review!

It's Kyle's annual White Party and despite that she's had a year to plan the soiree, she leaves everything for the last couple of weeks.

As workmen are still setting things up two hours before the event, Kyle is lamenting to Mauricio that the chandeliers aren't lit. He simply shrugs and says they're working on it.

Taylor Armstrong Crying

Hey, the guy's doing all he can to look ruggedly handsome with his stubbled chin and white outfit and I'm not complaining. Plus 10 for looking handsome and remaining calm amidst the chaos. That particular talent will come in handy later on.

Pre-party, Camille calls Adrienne to let her know that Russell sent her an e-mail threatening to sue her for her "slanderous" comments at Lisa's tea party.

Camille shows her attorneys who tell her not to have any contact with Russell or Taylor. Plus 5 for sound advice but since they're all suppose to be at the same party tonight that's going to be a little awkward.

Thus starts a game of phone tag and no one can reach Taylor. Turns out she and Russell are flying back from Vegas just to make Kyle's party.

In the meantime the party's starting and the Housewives are having a group freak out with everyone worrying about Russell suing them. By the time Russell and Taylor arrive the entire tribe accosts them on the front walkway.

Bravo, Kim

Minus 12. This doesn't need to be an ambush but Kyle can't stop bawling long enough to get the words out. Mauricio should have stepped up and simply told Russell and Taylor that several guests were uncomfortable and it would be better if they didn't attend.

Instead it's a Housewives debacle with everyone talking over one another and Kyle still crying. As Russell and Taylor retreat, the entire gang practically follow them into the limo. Minus 8 because no one knows how to let this go and walk away.

In the end I almost felt sorry for Taylor. I'm not convinced she had any clue what Russell had done. 

And Plus 10 to Paul who calls Russell on his bullsh!t when he tries to say his e-mail was nothing but nice. 

Brandi Gets Wet

While all of this is going on outside, inside Kim is attacking Brandi. Why?

God only knows. Minus 11 because Kim seems fixated on the free spirited Brandi who has apologized several times at this point.

Kim is determined to cause a scene as Brandi stands there and simply takes it. Plus 15. Not only does Brandi not stoop to Kim's level, she has the good sense to walk away when Kim pushes her kids at the woman.

I can't say I think much of Kim's new beau Ken. He stands there and watches Kim make a fool out of herself. Is she under the influence or is it just Kim being Kim?

So, it's yet another outrageously bad party in Beverly Hills. With this much yelling and tears you'd think eventually they'd just stop trying. But then what fun would it be to watch.



Lolz ButtsexLolz


I really like Kyle, but her sister is a real piece of work. Stays high on . She hits the bathroom way to much .. Cannot stand Camille , she is a bitch and so is addriene. Like Lisa and Taylor. Just one thing , you would think if they are all friends they would stop stabbing each other in the back .


Why is Bravo not sending Taylor to mental rehab ? She is unhinged and out of contol...creating chaos wherever she goes. I am going to stop watching this series if she continues to rant and rave....she needs professional help.


I hope Bravo is setting us all up to prove Taylor is a liar, grifter, gold digging wanna be Housewife. They wont post mine or anyone's comments against Taylor. The day after their last showing of the BH housewives they had over 200 comments on all of the current posted blogs. Then access to the BH website was shut down for hours. After more than half of the comments were gone and Dave Rupels's Blog was posted. I don't think this was a coincidence. Bravo is playing all of us for fools. I will see how Beverly Hills and Atlanta go. But they lost me with OC and NYC. DC and Miami were a joke and NJ is I believe the catalyst for all of this faux drama we are forced to watch every week!


Taylor annoys me terribly. Was she battered? I have no idea. But she goes around blabbing about it....then plays the victim when her husband finds out. Then allows him to send her that threatening letter. I think Taylor plays the victim and she is fake. I think she knew about the letter but played the fool. She has to go because I cant stand her self pity anymore.
I dont know what was up wth her husband before he killed himself. I know they blamed Bravo for that too- but just as he has shown how he is...his family followed right behind with a lawsuit. Unbelievable.
Kim is a basket case. She needs to go too. Im sick of her rants over nonsense.


Bravo....please dump Taylor....wretched liar....


I have to agree with mutter and most of what vic have both written here. I do think Taylor has created a web of lies that actually came back to haunt him-not her. She had her friends empathy/sympathy and attention @ the time of the "tales." I do not think he ever beat her. This woman has a terribly shady past surrounded by lies and manipulation. It's sad to know the outcome of the loss of this man's life-especially if NONE of it is true. I really hope Bravo sits up & listens because Taylor does NOT belong on this show. She belongs on a psychiatrist's couch for a LONG time.


I am really doubting that Taylor is a battered wife. I think she shared all the info with her friends for sympathy and it backfired. Taylor has multiple names and her lies are all out. She even tried to lie and say that Camille exagerated the stories and Adrienne called her out on that. Bravo needs to dump the drama queen. She has done nothing but lie and cause heartache for everyone. I wondered why she left Russell, after the white party it became crystal clear. The other wives wanted him gone and she had to choose which was more important, the rich friends and the bravo show or her husband that she had made the lies about. Ofcourse Taylor too the money.


Taylor brought her friends into her personal problems and that is never good. Everyone was upset and filling much empathy for her; but whenever they saw her she was with her husband and presumably happy. How confusing is that? Taylor has a set of problems all her own that probably don't or didn't involve her now deceased husband. Taylor wanted attention and she got it she rallyed all of the women around her cause and then she abandoned her cause. When people don't eat and they take pills they can easily have delusions of persecution. I feel sorry for her daughter Kennedy she is so small; she looks just like her dad and unfortunately he is deceased.


Just goes to show you how shallow rich and famous people are, they expect everyone to lie down and put up with their BS.. They don't have a clue on just being people and trying to get along with everyone.. Kim is a addict and she has no business being at those parties or saying anything about anyone.. Get a life and why can't those women stop gossiping.. Don't even watch the show any more, just get the jest for reading all you comments.. Brandi has some class that the others don't... She should move in other circles with Adrianne and forget the others.. Camille is nice and tries, but they all seem to drag her into this soap opera.. Ladies, hopefully our children don't watch this show or they would think that what life is supposed to be..

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