The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Welcome to the Whine Party

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still reeling from last week's strippergate and we're here to break down all the drama from this week in our +/- recap!

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    ...I can go the rest of my life without seeing a man suck his own **** again, that sh*t is ***


    Frankly, I'm still waiting to see the real socialites of ATL. You
    have the housewives and their families, some friends, the gays and some other wannabe's. Where does the people with real money hangout.
    I'm talking old money with class. It's really sad that the trashiest
    franchise would be the ATL. NeNe told one of the tabloids that she
    wanted to be the next Oprah. I'm sure Oprah didn't take that as a
    compliment. This foul mouthed baffoon couldn't interview a cockroach. I wonder what they say to their kids about their behavior. just saying.


    In every episode since the season started, the focal point has always been NeNe. I love how NeNe could care less. Kim does focus on NeNe, just last night while having a conversation with her daughter. Kim decides to bring NeNe up and how she didn't like something NeNe use to do. I thought, wow! Kim can't control her obsession with NeNe. Kim bashes NeNe to all the ladies and now to her daughter who probably could care less. Did anyone notice how at Peter's Bar One party NeNe was the only social person out of all the housewives. Sheree, Phaedra and Kandi all stayed in the VIP section all night knowing fans of the show were there in hopes of seeing the entire cast. NeNe's the only down to earth castmember.


    Well Phaedra NeNe, (not really a fan of hers) was probably offended because the man was licking his "johnson". NUFF said.


    Kandi is a real hypocrite, she is always bringing stuff up trying to cause trouble, trying to act all innocent. I have nothing against that if that what she wants to do but she should admit it. If Nene is not on this show I won't be watching, she makes the show. If you don't have a person like Nene in these shows they tend to be very boring. You all must remember boring people do not make good TV. If I was at that party with that stripper I would have left too, that was disgusting, that was very xrated. Regardless of people being strippers that took it to a whole new level. No self respecting person would appreciate that. Furthermore people of all ages were there that shows a lack of respect, I would be very upset if my mother was there. When you talk about another person constantly you are jealous everyone should know that.


    Con't: eyebrow) Kandi....I love her, but Ms Kandi is not as neutral as she likes to pretend...smh..she throws the BS on the table to see who's going to grab it an play in it...Kim I really do love...she is the only one so self absorbed that she could careless what Mrs Leakes is up to...I respect her for that...Cynthia...tsk, tsk...smh...girl Mr Peter Thomas is a cutie but he is so going to be ur downfall if u don't close ur bank account to him ( cityslicker) u have to separate marriage from girl Sheree n Phaedra are not ur friends stop inviting to talk about u an ur husband like dogs...Wth...I luvvvv the show but can we plsss move on from the It's All About NeNe Show, thanx luvs ...oh an NeNe girl calm that walk down especially in front of Peter...girl ur over doing it an Peter only has eyes for Ms Bailey!

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