The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Sheree's Law

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It's Tuesday and we're watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Is anyone else confused? Due to the special night, we thought perhaps this would be a very merry holiday episode, Atlanta style. Instead things got downright down and dirty.

Let's break it down in THG's +/- review!

Sheree Whitfield Pic

Bob's dragging Sheree back to court to reduce his child support payments. Reduce it to what, you might ask, since he hasn't paid a nickel in four years. Minus 15. You can't reduce nothing from nothing.

So Sheree hires Phaedra to represent her and the legal diva gives Sheree some advice. First is to have Bob hauled off to jail for failing to make his support payments for four years. Plus 10. Despite the current court case Sheree still has the right to hold his feet to the fire on that one but she backs down. She doesn't want to do that to the father of her children.

Minus 12, honey. He's got no problem bailing on his kids and he'd probably step over Sheree if she fell down in front of him. Isn't it past time to kick a little Bob butt?

Phaedra's second piece of advice is that Sheree not drive up in her brand new Porsche or wear her most expensive outfit. Sheree is aghast. What she has shouldn't matter and ideally she's right but it's not smart to ask for money when you're holding a $16,000 purse.

As Sheree is freaking out before court, Phaedra overcompensates, telling her how easy this case is going to be. Minus 8. Never promise anything when you head to court. Anything can happen.

In the end Bob used a stall tactic. He filed a contempt charge against his ex saying she took furniture that he should have gotten in the divorce. It's completely lame but it did the trick. They'll all have to go back to court once again.

Phaedra Parks Pic

Sheree blames Phaedra because she promised her so much and delivered nothing. Honestly I don't think there's much Ms. Parks could have done here ... other than not raise Sheree's hopes. And if Sheree had taken Phaedra's advice in the first place the deadbeat dad would be filing motions from a jail cell.

Kandi decides to update her sets for her web based sex show Kandi Koated Nights. The sets don't help much when your guests are sitting there texting while the show's in progress. Tonight's topic: How can women snare a pro-athlete?

Her guest host Charles Grant basically says women shouldn't act like hookers if they want to be treated like ladies. I'll give him a Plus 5 for his directness. Then Kandi wants to know how he want from NeNe to girlfriend Marlo who happens to be sitting next to him. Minus 8 to Kandi. I know she's looking to be salacious but it comes across low class.

Charles says he's never been with NeNe. Then Kandi starts prying into where Marlo got her money. I bet the couple was wondering why the hell they agreed to come on this tacky little show.

Oh, but Kandi did share her favorite sex positions with her audience. Isn't that something we all need to know. I'm guessing Kandi will be using her show to pimp her new line of musical sex toys. Sounds like a perfect fit.

Kim Zolciak and Son

After giving birth on Sunday's episode, Kim and Kroy take KJ home. I wish it all surrounded the cute baby. Instead we had to endure more talk about Kim's boobs, her father's breastfeeding jokes, why Kim's scared of her son's penis, her awe over baby poop and then we got to watch the dog pee on the floor. Minus 10. Good times.

Unfortunately for Kroy, Kim has yet to change a diaper and Brielle is more interested in being a teenager than helping out. Does this guy have any clue what he's gotten himself into.

Somehow, after all that, we're still stuck on the fact that it's Tuesday. Just doesn't seem right.



ps OMGod kim's with her boobs hanging out in front of her dad and his lewd comments were beyond creepy. YEEEEYIKES!!!


HOW on heaven and EARTH did kim land that sweet man?!
Phaedra had the chance to shine on the tube and sharay thru her UNDER the bus! What and ass she is! They had to hunt her down for the retainer fee! Disgraceful.
sharay's behvoir and drama about her ex in front of her son is down right SICK. she needs to look at her son's face and see that it is HER piss pour attitude that is bringing him DOWN. she is so freakin self-absorbed it's all about her at that beautiful boy's expensive. SHAME ON YOU SHARAY. you take that boy by the hand with your fat old wallet and give him a good life NO MATTER WHAT his daddy does. STOP telling him how rejected he is by his father!!! his father's behavoir has NOTHING to do with him. for that matter...your mental problems are not his cross to bear either. Ugh God bless the poor kid.


I beleive that Sheree should slow down and take it one day at a time. I know he needs to pay child support for his kids. But, life is too short to fight with someone that do not care about his own kids.


YES, Bob is a disgrace as a dad and a big jerk! He should be ashamed of himself.


Bob looked like something out of a horror movie when he stuck his
tongue out at Sheree while his eyes were going in two different
directions. It was hilarious. A big dumb loser. There has to be
another reason why Sheree didn't want to put him in jail. This
whole child support issue seems fake to me. I agree he should pay
child support, but I think Sheree needs to go to work. RHOATL is
coming to an end very soon. Get a damn job


Pheadra is my girl and in spite of Shere's stinking attitude, I believe she is going to deliver. She is not who she as by being a punk. Hey I googled this chick and she has been around the courtroom. I am just waiting and hoping that Shere will listen a little more to her lawyer. She told her to haul his butt to jail and she did not listen. Next she told her about her car and her attire and she was suprise that these things would affect her. If this man was so spiteful that he did not care to take part in her children's life fanancially, he care nothing about hurting her. Ms Parks has been around this type of thing and she needs to to take her serious. Hang in there and I'll be watching. I think she going to get you paid.


@ Merry,
First time hello to you!!
I am always happy to be enlightened. Thank you for sharing the update on Bob Whitfield's interview. As always, there are 2 sides to every story, and I paid particular attention to Sheree's version. I am Not familiar with Sherre's income (from the NFL) but if she is getting an ongoing check from the NFL it could be the reason that 4 whole years went by before she decided to act on her children's behalf. Legal eagle Phaedra had already schooled Sheree, but Sheree wanted to be represented by Phaedra while holding on to her heartstrings by Not wanting to consider putting "Bob Whitfield's" smug *attitude in the cooler. If she had listened to Phaedra completely instead of trying to be a decent person during a "nasty" court fight, maybe Bob would Not have thrown her for such an unexpected smack down.
Looking forward to more of your opinions/comments. PEACE!!


I do think Shree should get her child


I love your blogs. Leo, Bob was Interviewed recently and he claims to sit at his home with the children while Sheree is out gallivanting around. If Bob and Sheree do share custody, and Sheree is still receiving a check from the NFL, (like Bob claims) I don't think she should try an take anymore from the man.
I almost wonder if that's why Sheree was hesitant about going after support. If that's NOT the case, obviously Bob should be paying support.
Sheree frustrated me on last nights episode. She behaved as if a continuance was a loss..
And she tried to make my fav Phaedra look bad. I didn't care for that one bit. lol

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