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Tonight, viewers were treated to an extra long version of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why? Was it worth it? Hard to answer either question conclusively, but we've broken down "New Tricks" in our +/- recap just the same!

Picking up where we left off in last week's episode, Sheree and Phaedra have a sit down after their day in court. Sheree's upset because she feels things didn't go well.

Phaedra's unhappy after Sheree bad mouthed her abilities as an attorney to Kandi over lunch. Then there's some general bickering over money and when it was paid. 

Sheree Whitfield Picture

Minus 10. I don't know what Sheree expected Phaedra to do. Stall tactics are a normal part of court. Sheree acts like she wants Phaedra to play hard ball but when Phaedra told her to throw her deadbeat ex in jail for not paying his child support for four years, Sheree balked.

Anyway, Phaedra gives Sheree her retainer back so Plus 8 for offering before she was asked. The two decide to end their bushiness relationship and remain friends. Sheree snarks that she's relieved because she couldn't figure out how to fire Phaedra. Problem is another attorney will probably charge her more and do the same damn thing Phaedra would do.  

Kim's all excited over the big move to the new house and I have to admit that watching her and girls pack up the townhouse was a little touching. Plus 7. They've spent five years in this home but now it's time to move on with new family members Kroy and KJ.

The move has all the stress those things normally have but at least Kim's wigs are well cared for. Plus 3. Each is named and has it's own seatbelt to secure it in the vehicle.

The new home is huge and everyone has their own, over the top bedroom thanks to interior designer Kendra. The girls love their bedrooms but little KJ is a bit young to comment on his rock star pad. Although there's already advice on his bathroom wall: Potty Like a Rock Star. Plus 8 because as silly as that is, it made me laugh.

Final thought on Kim's new pad. Most people I know have pictures of their family throughout their homes, Kim has pictures of herself ... everywhere. Minus 5.

A Kim Zolciak Image

Minus 11 for having us watch Kim pump breast milk while she's driving down the highway. Really? Not only is it ridiculous it seems incredibly unsafe. Do we need laws for everything to save us from the idiots on the road? Cell phones, texting, breast pumps?

Kandi and Marlo continue to circle one another about Marlo's guest spot on Kandi's webcast. Kandi confronts her again about where Marlo's money came from.

Apparently when Marlo told her the money came from God, Kandi wasn't buying it. Minus 10 because it seems bad form to badger your guests after the show but Marlo does admit she's dated very rich men who have given her money.

I believe there are names for that sort of thing but I'll skip the obvious and move on.

The grand opening of The Bailey Agency is quickly approaching and Cynthia ordered the invitations late. This sparks a lecture from Peter about having things done on time and how Cynthia needs to fall on her ass so she learns how to do things right.

I know they're trying to keep things separate but when your spouse is in trouble, you help out ... or maybe the next time he needs an influx of cash Cynthia can remind him about how helpful he's been. Minus 15

Cynthia's freaking out that no one will come but her sister steps up and does her best to calm her down. Thankfully the party's a hit  but when it comes time to introduce the people who made it happen Peter is nowhere to be found.

Maybe he was in the restroom but I heard someone mention that he snuck out an hour ago. If he did, he didn't bother to tell his wife. Minus 12. All I can say is the more I see of Peter, the more he looks like a complete jackass. I know which person I wouldn't mind seeing fall on their ass ... again.


So what did you think of Kim's new manor? Have you ever pumped breast milk while driving? And are we being too hard on Peter? Discuss below!


Good tv drama! I'd rather watch these idiots argue and fight one another to entertain me, than it being in real life. Let's be honest, this is a tv show. You do know that, right? In real life, you don't continually hang around someone you don't like. If they dislike each other so much, then why continue the communication? I'd cut them off, like I have disfunctional, alcoholic people in my life. Cut 'em to the quick! Liars, too! Can't stand a liar!!!!


Not sure if you all have heard about the leaked info on Sheree, because if you did I'm sure some of you wouldn't even bother making the repetitive comment about Bob using stall tactics....SHEREE IS FULL OF S#!T!!!! THERE'S A REASON SHE'S BEEN THE STALLER IN TAKING HER EX HUSBAND TO COURT...SHE'S A TOTAL FRAUD SMH I KNEW IT FROM DAY ONE! THINK BACK TO THE 1ST SEASON..EVER WONDER WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER TEAM OF PEOPLE..OR THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE FORECLOSING OF SHE & BOB'S HOME..THE MULTIPLE HOMES SHE'S STAYED IN OVER THE PAST 3 SEASONS..WHY THE HELL SHE DIDN'T HAVE AN ATTORNEY ON SPEED DIAL..THE LIST GOES ON & ON! Google Sheree Whitfield 2011 & she what dirt you find! All I can say is SHE'S A HOTT AZZ MESS & I WILL NEVER FEEL SORRY FOR HER....THE END


i dnt like sheree,she seems stuck up. I like phaedra and kandi. Sort of like kim. hate nene dnt knw abt cynthia and all dey do is talk abt each otha.


Sheree, you spend more time with other people than your kids. Its time for you to be a mother, your kids need you. I hope you will find the time to get your son a haircut, I know he'll be happy too.


really hope cynthia grows a backbone, divorces peter, and tells her sister off for once. (although her sister really helps her out, it is almost like she is HOPING her marriage is having trouble, and that's not very nice.) anyway, in regards to peter, she can do so much better!! she should date russell simmons!


The show has crossed the line, unnecessarily, with all the sex toys. I thought Kandi was one of
the higher class people until this started. Kim is an egomaniac and showing off all that opulence
is a total turn off, with so many people suffering right now. Now they're starting on Marlo's prostituting ways.
Bravo, you need to tone it down!


Oops, I meant to write between, not "betwen" in my previous comment.I guess it's bedtime. Sorry and goodnight. Happy holidays.


oops, meant to insert a comma betwen the words about and who in my previous comment. Where'd my darn comma go?


OK, what are you talking aboutwho has spelt hair wrong?I don't see it. Meanwhile, you don't seem to know the difference between your and you're. You mean to write you're, which is a contraction and means "you are" I just thought you'd like to know that as you seem so concerned about spelling.


Oh and another thing about Kim... Those damn wigs. She looks so stupid. Those wigs are a hot mess hanging all over her ugly face. And all the pictures of herself in that over the top house!!!!

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