The Celebrity of the Year: Kim Kardashian!

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We've reached the top of our Celebrity of the Year countdown. Or, as many might say, given the winner, the bottom.

The THG staff has spent the last couple weeks breaking down the most newsworthy stars of 2011, from Lindsay Lohan at #10, up to the impressive comeback of Jennifer Lopez at #9, to the popularity of Selena Gomez at #8 and the hilarity of viral video stars at #7.

There was the hit-generating Katy Perry at #6, Justin Bieber and his hair at #5, those gorgeous British Royal Family members at #4, Charlie Sheen and his winning ways at #3 and the most charitable, eccentric celeb of all at #2, Lady Gaga.

So who remains? The woman who accomplished both everything and nothing in 2011, our #1 selection of the year... Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian Motivational Poster

For the record, this is a business decision. We do not like Kim Kardashian. We wish we never had to write a word about Kim Kardashian. We fail to see why a single human being is a fan of Kim Kardashian. But the facts speak for themselves, and no celebrity made more headlines in 2011. Consider:

In JANUARY: Kim kicked off the new year by debuting a single that made Kim Zolciak sound like Whitney Houston. She also met the family of Kris Humphries for the first time and premiered the highly-rated, critically-lambasted Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

In February: She starred in a Super Bowl commercial and whined over her latest nude photo spread. It also came out that she and her family made $65 million in 2010.

In MARCH: She appeared in a Midori ad campaign, as buzz first circulated that she might marry Humphries.

lashed out at Turkish Cosmo and posed on many red carpets in a cleavage-baring dress.

In MAY: She came out with a new fragrance, got angry over the misuse of her bare boobs and, oh, got engaged to Humphries.

In JUNE: She appeared on the covers of multiple tabloids and defended herself against rumors of infidelity.

In JULY: She took photos of herself in Humphries' hometown and got into trouble for complaining about the Casey Anthony verdict.

In AUGUST: She married Humphries. Perhaps you heard about it.

In SEPTEMBER: She honeymooned with Kris while her publicists plotted how to best announce the upcoming divorce. Someone also tried to purchase the rights to her sex tape.

In OCTOBER: She turned 31 and rumors started to swirl that her marriage was already in trouble. She ended the month by filing for divoce.

In NOVEMBER: She whined and cried and played ignorant as to why anyone would dare questions her motives to marry. She visited Australia and Minnesota and premiered season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Over three million people tuned in.

In DECEMBER: She was considered one of the Most Fascinating People of 2011 by Barbara Walters and will conclude her most prosperous year to date the only way she knows how: by standing around a club in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and earning $600,000.


Stop being mean to kim she amazing and I love u and if u hate her why you looking at this excactly use are just stupid the kardashians are sook great and I love them so if u hate them go and bother someone else stupids wierdoes


Kim is the most beautiful woman in earth and she's money maker too.Don't be hate hater.The truth is hurt!! Kim love u muaah...




I think everyone should just back off and leave well enough alone. Kim is doing what she feels is right for her not you the ppl. She doesnt have to prove anything to anyone. She just has to please herself and make sure that what she is doing is the right choice for her not the ppl. The one whom hate Kim K are just haters. HATERS, HATERS, HATERS.! Kim is a goregous, $$$ making women who knows what she wants in life and that is security. You go Kim how care what all these HATERS are saying about you, you continue to make that money and stay beautiful and dont rush it let love find you. A Fan always.....TF


you must accept kim k she is. she takes her own decisions, and she chooses, not what you mean is right, but what she feels is right for her self. it is not you she will satisfy......... all must feel his way for what is right for every individual. well take it. stop being so incredibly jealous........!!!!!!!!!! Hug from norway!


carah......u must b 1 of them.


Kim only won celebrity of the year because she was constantly in the news.....for baad things. Celebrity of the year should constantly be in the news for good things. I agree that Selena Gomez should have won.


@ carah kim k is a piece of shit just like you so listen up bitch! Usless dumb ass do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!


Sorry @Hilton Hater that you had to write Kim K as celeb of the year. I totally see where that may have been painful!!
If Kim is really the celeb of the year then I guess anyone lacking in brains but endowed with big T'N'A can be the biggest celeb next year! Who needs real talent or brains when you have the ability to convince your tween fans you are fantastic? And for no real reason! Why bother really trying to be someone based on talent when you can just tell your brainless minions you are special and they will buy it? I think the fact that Kim is even famous at all says more about the shallowness of her fans (as in 'She acts famous and talented so let's act like she is!) than it does about her. She may be about as deep as a frying pan but the people who put her on the map are no deeper or smarter. Only one word I have for her- ICK!!!


i agree with the others too.i hate kim.shes popular just because of her sex tape.selena gomez should be at #1.and...carah are u insane???

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