Teen Mom Shockers: Who's Losing Her Baby? Who's Ruined By Stardom? Who's Getting Engaged?!

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The cast of Teen Mom 2 is in turmoil these days.

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    Hahaha malice good one! N I agree with twin mother, love Leah she is a great mom! High5 to Leah ! Lol


    Wow, half the people who left msgs, are fucking just as stupid as hell ...learn how to spell please .... before you all talk shit on these teen moms go back to 5th grade and read outloud ...it helps


    Ok this post is for Candy- let's all say a silent prayer that is not your real name!! Being a mother of twins I am proud of Leah for caring more for her children than her husband- As a mother your children come first period!! Wanting to buy a vehicle before making sure your children has a safe place to live and strive makes you a twat!! Let's all hope you get your stuff together before you have kids or I have a feeling we will be posting about you soon!!


    No Jenelle should be greatful that her son has his grandmother because if it was for her that poor child would be awarded to the state. She needs to stop going boy crazy specially if there are no good and bring nothing to the table, and start going boy crazy for her son. with all the chances she had to prove her mother wronge and she didn't. So congragulate her mother for stepping in and giving that baby boy the love that he needs. she should be the grandmother not the mother.


    Jenelle is a space cadet, but does anyone else see how her mother seems to intentionally push her buttons to make her blow up? She holds that baby over Jenelles head and doesn't give her a chance to prove herself when she does try. Its a mess.
    Chelsea is a doll and needs to kick Adam in the balls.
    Amber doesn't even deserve to be mentioned.

    Leah, ur a dumb twat.


    Jenell you are a bad mother and daughter what mother could walk out on her son every time she gets a chance for a man and you have no right to treat your mom the way you do and you wonder why she act the way she dose with you they don't deserve all you have a put them thru


    i really like leah, but what the hell is she thinking?? tryin to replace corey as a father to his daughters? hes a great father to those girls and he has right to be apart of their lives!
    on the other hand jenelle is a piece of shit!! what kind of mother could just watch her mother take care of her kid? and after all her mother does for her she has the nerve to treat her that way.. wow thats stright up called a bad mother!!!
    i had my son when i was 16 and there is just kno way in this world i could do him like that!
    Jenelle grow up and learn to take care of ur child!


    Wow blondes huh! :)


    amber is a sorry excuse for a human beeing for real a true example of what pathetic is

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