Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek: Home is Where the Drama is

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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry doesn't just have to contend with being a parent. She has plenty of drama on her plate when it comes to her own parents, as well.

In a sneak preview clip from Tuesday's episode, the mother of 23-month-old Isaac worries that her mom - and her boyfriend - will evict her from their home.

After she receives a note from her mother's boyfriend arguing that she "live[s] like trash," Lowry vents to a friend, offended that her mom didn't come to her.

A Kailyn Lowry Pic

"My mom had to have known. If it was just my mom doing this in her own apartment, it would never be an issue. I'm so f--king furious with her," Lowry says.

"Don't invite me to stay in your house if all you're going to do is nitpick every single thing I do. I work two jobs, I go to school full-time and I have a kid."

Lowry, who returned with the rest of the cast last week on MTV's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, says her relationship with her mom ended for good after this.

"She chose him over me," she says. "That was the last straw; We haven't talked since."

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hey kail isaac is so adorable


I wonder where the money goes as well. But regardless kailyn's mom shouldnt choose a man over her daughter and grandson especially since she' s doing right by her son. In my opinion she's the best parent on the show with the least amount of help. And does wAaaaay more than the other moms. Two jobs,school and q.t. with her son. So if anything her Mom should be willing to support and help her. Kailyn's only flaw[in my opinion] is how she is lying to Issac's dad. That is just going to cause unwanted drama in the future,and things are so good between them right now.


this Teen Mom show is so confusing. What I dont get is that we all know that they all get PAID for doing the show with MTV.....so whats with all the sob stories about not having anywhere to live etc.....look at Farah - she had enough $ for a boob job. and even Amber...yes she has some health/mental issues....but they get paid money for these episodes...and it shows her living in a nasty apartment and a little bed etc and not much for her daughter etc etc.....
My opinion?--- its all STAGED..at least most of it is. They show them like they are all struggling financially....BUT, if MTV pays them...where does all the money they make go?

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