Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus: Are They Role Models?

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Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have very different sounds (country vs. pop); different looks (blonde vs. brunette); and different philosophies on where they stand as celebrities.

Cyrus - who most recently came under fire for making a joke about marijuana - has made it clear that she just wants to be a typical teenager whose occupation happens to make her rich and famous.

“My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act because I’m still figuring that out myself,” Miley told Harper’s Bazaar a few months ago. “To take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not.”

Photograph of Taylor Swift
Photograph of Miley Cyrus

Swift, conversely, is happy to embrace her status as a role model. She understands it comes with the territory.

At the Billboard Women of the Year Awards on Friday, Taylor referenced Faith Hill in an interview with Katie Couric, saying:

“For me, when Faith Hill performed on an awards show, everything mattered... everything she said said, did, wore I tried to copy it. That’s what little girls do, so there is a big responsibility and I take it very seriously.”

Two artists. Two contrasting points of view. On whose side do you fall? Do you believe Taylor and Miley are role models and should act as such?


Funny. Miley is finally starting to act like the spoiled brat she really is. I just didn't expect it to take this long.


Team Taylor! :)


none of us are perfect and we shouldnt try to be, we have our individualism. Which makes us, us. So they are both role models to certain ppl, but they are also young so shouldnt b pressured just bc they have money and actually done something w their lives


The only reason Miley Cyrus is famous is because of her Disney show and because of her father. Taylor got famous because she busted ass and worked her way to the top. Even though they are both very young and still fairly new to the business I'd rather little girls look up to Taylor than Miley. Miley you need to get your shit straight before you end up like Lindsey Lohan always causing drama just to get in the tabloids just to get some attention because she and everyone around her knows she'll never work in Hollywood again.


I'm on both of their sides! They both make very valid points. Miley still is growing up, and she knows that, that's good! Most teenagers think they're already grown up. Yes, once your in this type of business you are going to be in the spot light and your going to be instantly granted the role of a Role Model, but when it comes down to a parent bitching about what Miley Cyrus wore last week on the cover of a magazine and their 10 year old daughter is wearing something very similar, I'd be the one bitching at the parent for not being able to tell their daughter what to or not to wear. It's not Miley's job to parent your children.
And Taylor, well what she said does make sense, children do look up to their favorite celebrity, but that is also where the parenting comes in. Their both still growing up, so let them.


Taylor is a better role model the thing with Miley is that she hangs out with people. Who are hangers on who are just friends with her because she fame and they leak information to press and tapes. Miley has to pick better friends taylor does not make her fans think they have to perfect that statement is crazy. If anything Taylor being the way she is and acting like a lady and not acting like a tramp is what young girls should look up there is not wrong with being classy and acting like a lady.


Im totaly on MC side! I realy like Taylor but I think she shows her fans they have to be perfect and be what people want them to be


I'm on Miley's side, and not just because I like her better. Here's the truth: very few people go into the entertainment industry to be 'role models' for children. Most people choose fame because they want to sing, act, and make money. Beeing a 'role model' is a choice. It shouldn't be something that society forces on them just because they're in the public eye. They're not legally obligated to do it.

Jim foster

Miley, what's to figure out? You're a doped up whore. There, now you know.


Taylor Swift is the better role model. However, she is in her early 20's and things may change. I hope not. Nobody expects perfection but come on smoking legal weed is not typical teenage behavior. Miley needs to pick better friends.

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