Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus: Are They Role Models?

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Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have very different sounds (country vs. pop); different looks (blonde vs. brunette); and different philosophies on where they stand as celebrities.

Cyrus - who most recently came under fire for making a joke about marijuana - has made it clear that she just wants to be a typical teenager whose occupation happens to make her rich and famous.

“My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act because I’m still figuring that out myself,” Miley told Harper’s Bazaar a few months ago. “To take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not.”

Photograph of Taylor Swift
Photograph of Miley Cyrus

Swift, conversely, is happy to embrace her status as a role model. She understands it comes with the territory.

At the Billboard Women of the Year Awards on Friday, Taylor referenced Faith Hill in an interview with Katie Couric, saying:

“For me, when Faith Hill performed on an awards show, everything mattered... everything she said said, did, wore I tried to copy it. That’s what little girls do, so there is a big responsibility and I take it very seriously.”

Two artists. Two contrasting points of view. On whose side do you fall? Do you believe Taylor and Miley are role models and should act as such?


i always look up to taylor and she dresses so nice on stage all the time. I love the glamour of her and adore her all the way through: so down to earth and i like that too: she's the best and enjoy all her videos as well. Im hoping to get her perfume of enchanted. She dresses like a queen and a princess on stage. Happy early birthday sweetie girl.


Miley is just going to end up like lindsay lohan-sad to say. But i see taylor being a beautiful and inspiring example. She is so fresh faced and doesn't look like these dirty (on drugs, whoreish) other celebrities. I hope she stays that way.


i agree with mike and joenamherst. I was also gonna ask vixie (vixen?) what makes taylor a bad role model but it looks like riley already took care of that one (: Really though, I can see why Miley is a bad role model but taylor is like the best role model ever. Shes so pretty, sweet, talented and classy. Her music is so good and also wholesome. Miley is a self admitted pothead, not that theres anything wrong with that imo but it doesnt make her a role model. IMO, if you blessed enough to have come into such fame, talent and future, certain things just come with the territory.


@ wes haneburg. i agree. The best teachers are parents and your children are a reflection of who you are. If you are a drunk, slut, nasty person, it shows and they do the same. Miley is a nice girl that lost me a little after she flaunted somenaked bits on the internet.
I really respect Taylor Swift-she dressess with class and definitly is not a cheap slut. She respects herself and her body and shes down to earth. Automatically she becomes a role model ì, just because its hard to find really decent good gals like her any more.


I will always support both Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus they are both AMAZING ROLE MODELS but it is not a role models job to teach kids right from wrong that is a PARENTS JOB no matter what people say parents need to start doing their jobs & start being a parent!!!! YOU GOT THAT


Those of you criticizing Miley Cyrus for not being a 'good role model' seem unable to understand or accept this truth: Not everything a 19-year-old pop star wears, says, or does in life is going to be appropriate for little kids to imitate. That's just the way it is, and there's nothing wrong with that. People need to stop trying to repress Miley and other young stars and let them live their lives.


Taylor is a great role model. Miley is a burnt out drug head!


I don't think that Miley Cyrus is a bad role model at all.


Youth should be youth...but they are NOT above the direction of THEIR PARENTS!!!
When you WILLINGLY TAKE the PUBKICS' money for your efforts...you AUTOMATICALLY become a ROLE NODEL- like it ir not!
Accept the money, accept the ROLE you now okay in public.
Be a "kid", but choose your friends WISELY...do silky stuff, but DON'T list it on FACEBOOK (even if you're NOT a star)!!!!!
Basketball player, Cables Barkley, once said he was not a roll model...but once again, he was on the tv...rich..."in your face"...so, he WAS a role midel- like it ir not,,,,,,


Just like Taylor said, it comes with the territory. Enough said.

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