Taylor Swift to Be Included on Hunger Games Soundtrack: First Listen!

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What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift with The Hunger Games? Absolute awesomeness!

Also, the single "Safe and Sound."

Indeed, the young superstar will include that just-released track on the aforementioned movie's upcoming soundtrack, as she's joined on it below by The Civil Wars. Take a listen now and sound off: What do you think?

Remember: The Hunger Games will be released on March 23, 2012. Continue to build on your excitement for the blockbuster by checking out the official movie trailer now!

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Demi-(not a fan of La la land )off her first album- Believe In Me,Party (is pretty good),Two Worlds Collide2nd cd- Got Dynamite(awesome but her 2nd cd is dakerr than the first),Remember December,Every time You Lie and U Got Nothin' on MeI also really like her songs Open and Back Around(open is unreleased)Taylor-2nd cd Forever and Always,The Way I Loved You,Breathe,You're Not Sorry and The Best Day (oh Change was on the USA Olympic Soundtrack)1st Cd-Cold as You,Mary's Song,Invisible,A PLace In This World along with The OutsideI also like Come In With The Rain(it will be finally released on her Platinum cd) and I'd Lie along with Sparks FlyHer Cover of Our Last Night is really good


I used to be a big fan. Now i realize all her songs have been the same love song just about. Being a princess and living happily ever after. Now she needs to reach an older crowd and her music needs to change. I hate this song safe and sound it was so fake of her to portray this character. This girl has had the world at her finger tips she cant even relate to her fans anymore. They should have had a different singer who could do the character better with more emotion. Just like britney spears times up sweet heart. If she cant do better in the next years she is done for sure.


This is truly horrible...and I was actually starting to finally like this girl a bit. Thought her "Superman" single was great, but this one sucks big time. But she probably made a hundred million this year, so who am I to judge.


I love Taylor - I'm 88 yrs. old but still get Jiggy when hear that Music.


Love the new Taylor Swift song: Safe & Sound. Fantastic!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How could they let this happend? I was going to go see this movie. Taylor sucks I didn't even try to lisen to the song but I get the feeling its a love song!!! Omg I'm so mad right know I hope her song doesn't make it to the movie!


I love Taylor! I am 16 this year and I really like her songs.... Alvin Phee from Neveda