Taylor Swift Gets a Haircut!

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Taylor Swift found a unique way to celebrate her multiple Grammy nominations this week: a haircut!

The blonde superstar Tweeted a photo of her new style yesterday, as you can see the addition of bangs and a few layers below. Take a close look now:

Taylor Swift Haircut

Is it an improvement? A step in the wrong direction? Speak now, T Swizzle fans. What do you think?

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I like it. It's a change, and she's young. She SHOULD be experimenting with hair styles. Beautiful as always. ♥


Ehhh, could certainly be worse - as haircuts on long-haired girls go, it's pretty mild and she still looks good - but her hair has always been the epitome of perfection and could be maintained for 20 years. Changing it means an inevitable step down.


I'm sorry Taylor, I love you, a lot a lot a lot. But this hair cut is a mistake! >.< We all make mistakes concerning hair styles, I've made plenty myself and so has any girl I know. Its no big deal. BUT this does not mean that it is a good hair style.


I love Taylor and any decision she makes is awesome, but I do think her hair was wonderful just the way it WAS.


She looks beautiful. It was time for something fresher.

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