Taylor Lautner Gay Magazine Cover Fools Celebrities, Revealed as a Hoax

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For the record, Taylor Lautner is not gay. It would be absolutely acceptable and far from a big deal if he were, but it simply isn't the case.

However, for a few hours yesterday, many Internet users believed this Twilight Saga star had revealed an intimate detail on his life to People Magazine, due to the following fake cover, which leaked online:

Taylor Lautner Fake Cover

Heck, music mogul Russell Simmons even Tweeted how he was "proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage" after he saw the headline, later learning the whole thing was a hoax and adding:

"disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be..."

No word yet from Taylor's camp, though the magazine has come out and said the issue is "fake." So you may go ahead and continue to scream and dream over the actor, female members of Team Jacob. There remains the slimmest chance he might someday be yours.


Taylor lautner is a great actor and he's handsome too. Which is more than I can say for his two bland, pasty computed co stars. Bleh!!! He should use the hatred to get to the top. If they aren't saying bad things about you chances ate you haven't made it. Just saying.


Taylor is a good looking talented young man who works extremely hard. His Twilight co-stars think the world of him and think of all of them he is the most deserving of wonderful things happening in his life because he works harder than all of them. His work ethic is that good things come to those who give it their all. Hence his determination and hard work to become the Jacob we know and love starting with New Moon at the young age of 16. Whoever devised this sham should rot.


He is not gay coz he is my husband and as if u would lie about someones sexuality!!!.....stipid people


Is this a joke by some envious Harry Potter fan? Lol no, I'm not knocking Harry Potter, I liked those films. It's pathetic someone would post something so hurtful to knock him down or his reputation. I don't believe he's gay, but it wouldn't matter to me or his fans who truly follow him. I am a Twi-hard and no bad press, true or false, about Taylor Lautner or any other cast member is going to stop me from going out and enjoying the movies and his work. It doesn't matter what a celebrities sexual orientation is, you can appreciate their art or not. Btw I'm team Edward.


I find it irritating how people have to make up stories about celebrities and then send it out for the whole world to see. Taylor may be a celebrity but hes still an ordinary individual. Celebrities deserve respect just as much as we do. Were all the same. Gay or Straight i dont care, i will still accept him for who he is and support him as a fan. Just let Taylor be, give him a break, he deserves privacy. Let him be who he wants to be. (: your fans love you taylor.x


God,Taylor is not the first Native Indian actor to make it in the movie business.there are actors and actresses who being part Native Indian part White the question is which direction do I go.because they are ashame.it's like being half Asian and half White which part of me do I perfer?
Yes,Taylor is a new breed of Native Indian actors to come about or is it hollywood now seeing Native Indians to be the new it.No,we are not the new it.we been around for a long time.and if Taylor is gay that is the life he has choosen for himself. last he look my name nor anyone elses name is on his birth certicate.


You might want to consider that opinion to yourself. There are so many Jacob fans out there that you have to admit he's pretty good and looks the part. The person for Edward however.... I'm sorry I was disappointed at first. I'm just saying this from a fan's point of view.


Never want to read this magazine again. How unprofessional to give out false information. Ugh annoying. Gay or straight, don't care still accept him. But joking about it is more irritating then ever. Least to throw an article in the media like that. Whose the genious behind that? Never picking up this magazine again. Made it loud an clear on the seriousness of their stories.
-an annoyed reader.


Taylor is not gay, but his American-Indian blood trying to make it in white-people land and white-people entertaining business makes him a vagina judging his gay-muscular body for muscular bodies are the gay thing to do now. The gays, including that old gay director (the ones who had River Phoenix and that Asian-blooded actor named Keanu Reeves Like two romantic gay boys), so they got pissed and made this fake thing to tarnish his reputation. If Taylor can rise out of this then he will be a man: a new American-Indian blooded young actor following the path of Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp has American Indian blood).


Although being gay is ok, but we have to succumb to nature's law to have sex with a real penis with sperms and a real vagina with eggs to produce children. All those who goes against nature's law to have proper sex to make babies have to deal with the ridicule consequences.

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