Taylor Lautner Gay Magazine Cover Fools Celebrities, Revealed as a Hoax

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For the record, Taylor Lautner is not gay. It would be absolutely acceptable and far from a big deal if he were, but it simply isn't the case.

However, for a few hours yesterday, many Internet users believed this Twilight Saga star had revealed an intimate detail on his life to People Magazine, due to the following fake cover, which leaked online:

Taylor Lautner Fake Cover

Heck, music mogul Russell Simmons even Tweeted how he was "proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage" after he saw the headline, later learning the whole thing was a hoax and adding:

"disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be..."

No word yet from Taylor's camp, though the magazine has come out and said the issue is "fake." So you may go ahead and continue to scream and dream over the actor, female members of Team Jacob. There remains the slimmest chance he might someday be yours.


I just wanted to say i think Taylor is a real great guy and if he was closited or NOT ready to tell the whole world thats ok. thats up to him. God Bless you taylor
in waiting bob


Why is it that Twilight fans never seem to be able to spell, or use proper English grammar? Did they disable the spellcheck function on their iPads? I hope he is gay, he'd make a lot of very deserving gay boys very happy. Who cares?




Taylor is GAY period. His reps are not directly coming out and saying it's all a lie. There has been much talk about this lately and I myself read where "one of the Twilight team was about to come out of the closet, but we're not saying which member". So what if he IS gay, there are a lot of guys who love him anyway, so all I say is what Paul McCartney said: "Whisper words of wisdom; Let it Be."


taylor he is cute and hand some and sexy chest so let him do whatever he want love you taylor he is a good actor kiss


Poor Taylor. Jeez, people, he's a human being, let him do him. Obviously he isnt gay.


There are so many oblivious people that say " I kno he is not gay" just because he isnt flamboyent you automatically think someone isnt gay? Really? Look at lance bass he was a masculine guy and he was gay..u never know and you shouldt know


@Ronnie yur a perv.......nasty lady


It still surprises me that people get all crazy when they find out that a celebrity is gay. In this day and age I would have hoped that it would not even be an issue anymore. It does NOT matter whether a person is gay or straight! He is an amazing actor and seems to be a great guy. Him being gay or not has NOTHING to do with ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT HIM! He is a celebrity for the amazing job he does acting not his sexual preferences! Whoever posted this and anyone else that has a problem with someone else's sexual preference has got to be more open minded and stop being so judgmental. I would hope that by now this kind of thing would not even be an issue anymore but unfortunately I am wrong. Very very sad and disappointed that people have nothing better to do than sit there and try to ruin another person's life because they don't do or act the way that YOU want them too! :(


@Sarah, you are saying that, then you have not seen any of the Twilight movies, or any other movies he has stared in.... He is a great actor, with a smoken body.... Everyone has their opinion, but there is no need to be that harsh about a teenager actor.... @god- Who are you to say what real sex is?? Love is love no matter the form. Sperm and eggs ONLY have to do with reproduction not SEX.... you do not have to have sex to reproduce, not with the technology today...

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