Taylor Lautner Gay Magazine Cover Fools Celebrities, Revealed as a Hoax

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For the record, Taylor Lautner is not gay. It would be absolutely acceptable and far from a big deal if he were, but it simply isn't the case.

However, for a few hours yesterday, many Internet users believed this Twilight Saga star had revealed an intimate detail on his life to People Magazine, due to the following fake cover, which leaked online:

Taylor Lautner Fake Cover

Heck, music mogul Russell Simmons even Tweeted how he was "proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage" after he saw the headline, later learning the whole thing was a hoax and adding:

"disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be..."

No word yet from Taylor's camp, though the magazine has come out and said the issue is "fake." So you may go ahead and continue to scream and dream over the actor, female members of Team Jacob. There remains the slimmest chance he might someday be yours.


Taylor lautner is HHHHOOOOOTTTTTT.......... Breaking Dawn II is coming out on my birthday. I cant wait to watch it.... it will be epic!!! .


Taylor, You are such a beautiful girl! Your prtcuies are stunning. They are all great, but I really love the ones thatyou are laughing in. I wish we lived close, the photographer isamazing. Please make sure you send us one.


Thank godd he's not gay!!! I love Taylor Lautner so much, yeah, I know I'll never get to meet him but my hopes are still high!! :) and I think it's stupid that people would waste their time photoshopping a picture!! It makes no sense at all! I love you Taylor!!!! I'm still on team Jacob!!! -Ally


Its astonishing that people would actually take the time to photoshop a people's magazine cover to try to slander a mans sexuality.. Lifeless people. Well taylor lautner is obviously a gorgeous man gay or not i'll still love him and think he is a peice of art. But it is a little shocking how he hasn't came out and spoke against this rumor. Maybe he is so above this situation he doesn't even want to respond to such a stupid thing.


Omg ppl wat if he is gay ofcourse I DONT CARE he is still hot 2 me i will still go out with him he is so sexy and a great actor


omg love taylor lautner to the bottem of my heart




jeeeezzz ppl eveen if hes was gay i wud still accept him and so shud everyone else !!!!!! just get a fucking grip !


I don't think taylor is gay he is great if he's gay or not I would still luv him he is a great actor and he always will be 2 me I don't know about u guys but I realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy luv him


I dont think taylor is bi.ppl jus made that rumour 2 c if he would say its true.

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