Taylor Armstrong to Write Memoir, Profit from Husband's Suicide

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She's already given numerous interviews about the suicide of her estranged husband. She's released hospital photos aiming to prove he beat her.

So is anyone really surprised by the following fact? Taylor Armstrong will release a memoir in February.

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong on Bravo

The 272-page book will be titled "Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within," and, of course, Armstrong claimed she is writing it to raise awareness of domestic violence.

“It will be a memoir and the abuse she endured while married to Russell, as well as another abusive relationship she was in the past will all be detailed," a friend tells Radar Online.

And all profits will go toward domestic violence causes, right? To help with such an important, personal issue? Not according to any sources, no.

As seen above, Taylor and Russel's marital problems have disgustingly taken center stage on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. He was found dead in his Los Angeles home on August 15.


I do think Taylor wants the Hollywood, glam a kind of want-a-be. Taylor is a class result of being raised with abuse, that has followed her throughout life. If you take a look back on some of the episodes, like the birthday party for Kennedy. Look at Russell when it was mentioned by the friend they had things planned. For a glimpse you could see the rage in this man's eyes. Even little Kennedy you can see has issues as a result of the abuse around her. Russell had very large deals that soured, like with the billionaire Mohammed, along with who knows who. The world of power and control was crashing down around him on all fronts. Taylor was finding her voice, his business was crashing around him too. At this point the important issue here is Kennedy!!


I wonder if it'll tell everything, like how she's a gold-digger who spent a once-rich man into the poor house, picked constant fights with him to wwear down his sanity, lived a grossly lavish lifestyle he could not afford, then left him once the money was gone, driving him to suicide while slandering him on the show and in the media.


Taylor Armstrong could Never be labeled "the grieving widow." The ink wasn't even dry on the death certificate before Taylor's lips were flapping about (the horrors of) their relationship. Considering the fact that the two of them had a 5 year old daughter should have been reason enough for Taylor to avoid being so loose lipped after losing her child's father to suicide. There are people who threaten suicide either for attention or a Needed cry for help. Considering the fact that Russell Armstrong gave No warning of being distraught, he was willing to walk away from everything including the love of his daughter to end it all. Taylor's behavior does Not represent a woman who lost a husband that she loved. PEACE!


When will Taylor be exposed for the scam artist that she has proven herself to be thus far?? It really irritates me how she has created her own mythology and ingratiated herself to the women of the cast that she seemingly felt would personally benefit her most. While it is true that Russell could have been the monster that she has portrayed, at the end of the day we will never know the truth...and that is what makes this whole story particularly difficult to believe, in whole. In my opinion, Taylor should protect her daughter Kennedy and refrain from further destroying the memory of her father, Russell. That in no way means that she cannot be a champion for domestic violence, but certainly Kennedy deserves to remember her father as he was in her eyes, and not some monster that as she grows older her school chums will assuredly remind her of...


*continuing* how much she loved him and wanted to save their marriage. She didnt actually leave him until the show was about to air. His world came crashing doen. The jiggy was up. could you imagine b as he was? One day you think you are saving your marraige, the next you find out your partner is revealing everything to the world. Miindblowing what fame and notoriety will make people do. Lets face it, TAYLOR KILLED HER HUSBAND. She has to know this when she lays her head down at night. What goes around comes around though. She will get whats ckming to her in the end. That woman better get right with God.


Thi is so sick. Poor Russell, he had no idea what would lie ahead for him. Whether or not he was violent is not the issue. Her sneaking around and telling others how abused she was then going home and smiling in his face and saying hoe

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