Steven Tyler and Erin Brady: Engaged!?

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Steven Tyler is engaged to Erin Brady, according to reports.

TMZ spotted a rock on her finger this weekend and cites sources claiming it is in fact an engagement ring. It is a rather large diamond, for sure.

Tyler, 63, and Brady, 38, were in Maui on Christmas day along with her massive ring. It's unclear if Tyler proposed before or during the vacation.

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady

Erin Brady with Steven Tyler at an event in 2010.

The two have been dating since 2006. The American Idol judge and Aerosmith rock legend has been married twice before. Liv Tyler is his daughter.

Congratulations to the couple if the happy news is indeed true!


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I've always been a Huge Aerosmith Fan. One of the happiest days in my life is when you use the Title of a song I gave you ' " My Gal don't wrestle but you ought to see her Box" but I gotta tell you Steve- you are in the running for- The Ugliest Mother Fucker Alive. Only Jay Z is keeping you from being #1.



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Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas!

Steven Tyler

Looking at you, I'm closing my eyes and it's a work of art, a thing of beauty... And I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah.

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