Star Wars: The Old Republic Released; Can it Complete With World of Warcraft?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic, the multi-player RPG, has just been launched, and represents an ambitious effort to provide an online gaming alternative to World of Warcraft.

Can it succeed?

The game comes from BioWare, a company with experience crafting galactic space operas, and of course Lucasfilm, with an estimated production cost of $135-150 million.

Easily one of the most expensive in history, it has the largest voice cast of any game, and Storm Troopers even rang the NASDAQ bell Tuesday to promote the launch.

World of Warcraft has dominated the genre for seven years and counting, but Star Wars saga remains one of the most viable pop-culture franchises after 35 years.

Plenty of geek cred, to say the very least.

It’s possible that the two can co-exist with equal popularity, or that SW:TOR will be completely overshadowed ... or Farmville and Angry Birds will dominate both.

Tell us, will you be picking up Star Wars: The Old Republic?


My husband and I play WoW also and he just got SWTOR for Christmas, he said he's never going back to WoW. I find that hard to believe because he's been playing for over 3 years and I've been playing for 2 1/2. I love the new content in WoW from patch 4.3 but I'm not excited for Mists of Pandaria. We participated in the beta for SWTOR and it was ok, I didn't like the more interactive quest acceptance but that could be because I've never really cared for Star Wars. My husband is a Star Wars geek and loves every bit of it though. I guess we'll have to see.. with 12+ Million player in WoW it will be hard to beat.


I did, I've been playing world of warcraft since it had the venilla closed beta over 7 years ago easy. I took a few months off after I leveled in Cata, and then I bought this. I'm not a star wars fan really. I've watched the movies, they were good. But I'm not a "true" fan. But SWTOR has alot of nice gameplay, enough that I love it, without loving were it came from. It's got potential, and I've hardly dented the game with my 10 hours...But it's really a nice game.

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