Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor: South Pacific!

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Sophie Clarke was crowned the winner of Survivor: South Pacific last night.

"I had a feeling, but you never know," she said in a CBS reunion special after the big reveal. "I think I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time."

The 22-year-old outfought, outwitted, outlasted and outplayed Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Albert Destrade, Rick Nelson, Oscar Lusth and Brandon Hantz Sunday.

Sophie Clarke Photo

On last night's finale, Nelson was the first to be eliminated by the remaining members of the Te Tuna tribe, and Clarke beat out Lusth to win the final immunity necklace.

In the second elimination, the tribe spoke again, this time eliminating Lusth with three votes (Destrade received one). The final three were then brought back in front of eight members of the original tribe to make their final case.

"When it comes to outplaying," Clarke said, "I feel like I held out my own."

Ultimately, Clarke received five votes, and Wade received three.

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Hahahah ozzy fror the win yeah right give me a break. You guys probably only like him because hes good looking or whatever. Give me a break his strategic play sucked except im gonna go out and win every challenge. Well guess what, he lost so his strategy was completely blown. This game def sldeserved to go to sophie or coach. I mean my fav player of all time is amanda but that is not because she i ls hot but because she is one of the best strategic/social/physical threats of all time. Even russel hantz of all people said that she was the only person that ever saw through him that decided to do something about it. If candice didnt flipn she would have gone to all of her finales and have finally won a game. Ozzy cant even say that he made it to the end 2


That is so shit.ozzy should of won that


Yeah!!gutted that ozzy got voted off....he deserves to win!!!!go ozzy.....


I loved this season - Ozzy was just wonderful and exciting to watch-
He had class - charisma - personality and such inner strength - What a winner.
I am amazed that the Coach was let go as far as he did - just goes to show how manipulation still seems to reap reward - why did not his team wake up to him - I was so disappointed to see him there in the final 3 and not one of his team challenged him.
Sophie may have the dollars but Ozzy was the real winner!!!!!


OMG...Ossy was robbed! lol Of course he was the best player in the game and should have won! He's easy on the eyes too...:) Don't feel so bad now that I missed the finale show.


The article says the final vote was 5 to 3. It was actually 6 to 3. How sad that the people who write this stuff can't count to 9.


i quit watching after ozzie was voted off let the viewers have input maybe we will watch then


how stupid comments i see here
ozzy was eliminated twice!!! so how excatly he must won??
he came almost to the end only thanks to redemption island and physical tasks , he had no stragic neither social game what so ever , i think that couch should have one because he ran the show from the start but i think sophie was involved in all strategic moves also , so she is deserved winner too


Umm? Hell no! I don't think the audience should choos the winner at all; leave it up to the people who actually know one another, not the biased view the audience will see.