Simon Cowell Previews X Factor Finale, Multi-Million Dollar Talent

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It's down to three on The X Factor. Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene will sing for the title on tonight's final performance show.

So, who does Simon Cowell favor? It scarcely matters, he tells Us Weekly. Any one of the singers would make worthy champion.

The X Factor Final 3

"It will be the greatest final we've ever been in, in terms of talent," Cowell says. "The fact that all three of them are undiscovered before this show, amazing artists, amazing vocalists. One of these artists will be the legacy of this year.  This is $5 million dollar talent.  We are going to put on a show and it will be better next year."

While tonight should be exciting, tomorrow evening will really be the one to watch. Justin Bieber, Pitbull and Ne-Yo will all sing "superstar duets" with the show's finalists.

Which of the finalists do you think will win?


chris renee will's not all about singing it's about who can perform, he's worth 5 million dollars i would rather go see him in concert then the church singer n a so called they said he has the total package.he deserves to be there and win just as much if not more than the others.he is the greatest.out of the three he is the only one that can write his own songs and can put on one hell of a chris win..


Chris Rene is he best! Melanie is a faker with the fake accent and God thing, just a way to get more people to vote for her. Love Josh too but I think Chris is an original talent and hope he wins it.


Chris, he ia the best


She is a great singer but is as fake as they come. She keeps changing her accent and is acting too much like a diva. I think Chris is the best and is such a great example for young troubled kids but also just anyone looking for how life can turn around. If he doesn't win, he will be more successful than Melanie any day of the week. He is original, she is just a copy cat singer.


melanie melanie melanie melanie WILLL WINNNNNNNNNN!!!


Chris Rene is the whole package! His story is fantastic and he deserves a break like this!! The other 2 are very predictable and not anything special in todays music industry.


WTF? Chris Rene can barely sing - he has the least amount of talent. He's not worth the 5 million. Amaro is the most technically talented, but old news and predictable. Josh Krajcik is fresh, soulful, and you can feel him when he sings. He's also the least pretentious. He's refreshing - this god-forsaken music industry needs someone like him.


Melanie Amaro of course, with out a doubt....


Chris rene will win


Chris all the way

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