Sheree Whitfield Blasts NeNe Leakes in Hilarious Debut Single

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Move over, Kim Zolciak, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Melissa Gorga, Michaele Salahi, and Gretchen Rossi. A new Real Housewife is entering the music business.

Sheree Whitfield is the latest member of this franchise to release a single, as "Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?" is now available on iTunes, although NeNe Leakes might not want to download a version. The track includes apparent disses aimed at this co-star, with Whitfield "singing" lines that include...

Before you say anything else to me, go and fix your grill, along with: Saying that you’re rich but I know it’s all a mirage...

Purchase some ear plugs and then take a listen now:

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Sheree's song is a pathetic attempt to gain a fan base. Sheree's many financial endeavors have not worked out for her. Sheree needs to realize fans of the series are NOT naive. Fan's can sense someone playing to the cameras or putting on airs. Sheree is far from down to earth. I could have vomitted when Andy Cohen asked Sheree on WWHL if she has ever had a job? Sheree said "NO! I can't remember the last time I worked a real job". Bob put her on blast saying that "when I met Sheree she was broke, on welfare and living in Ohio". You would think Sheree must have been raised wealthy, the way she put's on airs.


All I can say is SAD.....! She just keep grasping a straws trying to pay for a life she can't afford.


sheree needs to grow up and get a grip..Nene is and does make more money with or without "grills"..the song and the feud is silly..make your paper Nene.


Although this is call reality tv. Its still tv people. It's a show, an act for us to watch. They are putting it on so they can be famous and more famous on our behalfs. Before this show. We hardly knew them or their business. Now they are getting paid to perform. The more outrageous they become or the one with the best story will be more noticed. But believe me she got a job. U watching her. So u guys need to get a life. Cause she got hers.


i personlly dont like nene she thinks she better then sheree tht all i have to say.


First of all, A man or woman fail to plan, plan to fail. Being a player in this game called ''LIFE'', if you don't see yourself as an francise player you will lack support,followers and endorsments.You got to plan your work and work your plan regardless of what the spectators and bench warmers say. Because let the truth be told they are needed in players lives or the game will be over...We need someone to watch us showing them the difference between a winner and a quitter. A quitter never win and a winner never quit. And all the days I lived, I never seen grass grow under a fish...Keep it moving ladies and I will see you when you "ARRIVE"


You need to get that mattress off the floor in your son's room instead of wasting your time making a song about NeNe who has a contract with a recurring role on Glee. Get your priorities straight.


I had so much fun listening to this song!!


I am soooo sick of NeNe and Shree...and their mess! First of all, true wealthy folks don't have to verbalize the fact that they are rich...that's a sign of "New Money Ignorance". Secondly, Shree is fronting big time...How is she financing the construction of her "Chateau"? The funniest ones are Peter and Apollo...I wish they had their own show....


I am really not surprised by this stunt by Sheree she puts on more than what she is. Needs to get a real life. NeNe is the better person if I were her I would not feed into this mess.

NeNe Leakes Quotes

NeNe Leakes: I am very rich, b--ch! Do you understand?
Sheree Whitfield: You must not know what rich is... if you're rich, you need to get your f--king teeth fixed! How 'bout that?!

[to Andy Cohen and Kenya Moore] Do I need to pull down your pants and kiss your ass? Should I hold a gay function?

NeNe Leakes