Sarah Palin Pitching Reality Show About Todd Palin; No One Interested

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Sarah Palin is looking to produce a reality show about Todd Palin's life as a snow machine racer. Astonishingly, the reception among networks so far has been ... icy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Palin and producer Mark Burnett are pitching a show that would turn the camera on Todd Palin's winning career on the circuit.

The price tag and subject matter have driven bidders away thus far, though.

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin Pic

Discovery Networks, the company that the former governor's last show on TLC, paid over $1 million per episode for the rights to Sarah Palin's Alaska, airing in 2010.

Now, Discovery is unwilling to pay that price, as is A&E.

Sarah Palin's Alaska debuted to massive ratings, with network record audience of five million, but fell precipitously, including a 40 percent drop by its second episode.

The show certainly generated buzz, with her shooting animals, acting all folksy, hosting Kate Gosselin and her children and so forth. But the buzz ultimately waned.

It was cancelled after its first and only season. Having declined to run for president, and with little interest from the reality TV world, what WILL Sarah Palin do next?


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Is the sand in the hourglass of Sarah Palin's fame running out?? YOU BETCHA!!


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I agree with you Reggie! No one is interested in this family.


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