Rosie O'Donnell Assails David Letterman as "Anti-Gay"

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The feud between Rosie O'Donnell and David Letterman has turned ugly quickly. This is where it stands and how it developed:

A week ago, following the announcement that Rosie was engaged to Michelle Rounds, Letterman mocked the speed of this decision during his show's monologue, saying: "The woman she is marrying, her fiancee, was driving... and her car broke down. And guess what happened? Rosie pulls up right behind her in her tow truck."

O'Donnell replied a few days later, addressing Letterman during her OWN talk show with:

"I don't remember making fun of you when you had sex with all your interns, Dave. I didn't do that. I didn't make fun of your rampant, throbbing heterosexuality, did I Dave?"

Rosie then came up with the Top Five Reasons She Refuses to Appear on the Late Show (above), which included: "Not only do you appear to be anti-gay, you're anti-tow trucker."

Low blow? Accurate blow? Weigh in now: Whose side are you on in this feud?


There u go again TMac! Seriously is ur life really that bad, where every comment u leave is negative and dealing with race in some sort of way?


When did Rosie lose her sense of humor? She's taking a little joke way too seriously. Over the top reaction. Now she's beginning to behave like Donald Trump.


Geeze, she is as huge as a truck. Push yourself away from a table every now and again. Fat cow. I can't imagine any lesbo finding you sex worthy. Racist fag hag.


I guess I don't get the tow truck joke.


I guess I don't get the you're truck


I think I understand his joke but I am not sure. Regardless, comedians have joked about people for many, many, many years. He didn't say anything about being gay, unless that is what the tow truck meant. My point is, why does she have to come back with fighting words? Just let it go and stop making a big deal over it. People are way too touchy lately and should just let things be. Who cares IF he's anti-gay, where is it writtten that any person HAS to be in favor of them?

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