Ron Paul Walks Off CNN Interview, Irritated By New Questions About Old Newsletters

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GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul furrowed his eyebrows, growing agitated before taking off his mic and walking away from CNN interview about his old newsletters.

As Paul has gained traction in recent polls, the media has turned up the heat, alleging that he made money and won fame with a sometimes racist series of publications.

Paul claims he didn't read most of the newsletters and their controversial content, written during the 1980s and 1990s, despite them being published under his name.

He has taken responsibility for being a bad publisher, but disavowed the views, as he explained to CNN's Gloria Borger, who grilled him on the topic yesterday ...

"Why don't you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20 something years. 22 years ago?" the 76-year-old Paul said at the outset.

"I didn't write them, I disavow them, that's it."

Borger pressed on for a few seconds before urging Paul to react to what people are saying about the allegations. "These things are pretty incendiary," Borger said.

"Because of people like you," Paul snapped back.

Later, when talking with Borger about the interview incident on air, Situation Room host Wolf Blizter suggested that Paul "got tired of talking about" the allegations.

He could have probably handled it a lot better, although he has answered the same questions the same way a ton of times now, including last week on Hannity.

What do you think? Is Paul's explanation satisfactory? Will the fiery newsletters from long ago continue to dog him, or will they become background noise?


what a bicth.fuck cnn,foxnews and all of the media. RON PAUL IS A GOOD MAN OK!!!!!


Any vote OTHER than for Dr. Paul is a wasted vote. All the rest are supporting different versions of the same old post constitutional "gravy train" spoils system status quo Welfare/Warfare state. With the REPUBs heavier on warfare and the DEMs heavier on welfare. Perhaps we need public servants that OBEY the constitution rather than profit from its abuse. Sadly many people truly believe that it is just fine to violate the constitutional restraints on government power because THEY feel it is for the greater "GOOD" in their world view.(of course their profit is also justifiable!) Unless the constitution is LEGALLY amended it should be obeyed. Knowing the states would never allow these amendments, establishment media and politicians of both parties pretend these powers are lawful. If you watch closely you may notice that when an honest man like Dr. Paul is successful in the polls, and threatens their gravy train, the dishonest people tip their hands by attacking him.


can you imagine if something like this existed from obama? oh wait, it did, the rev. wright sermons. what did obama do? he denounced them and he distanced himself. story died. if paul didn't write those newsletters, like i believe, he should lay blame where it should be and finally be done with it. protecting a known racist is still kind of a bit guilty in my eyes.


it is absolutely a legitimate question. he's running for president, everything is fair game. so long as it's the truth. personally, i don't think he's a racist, but i also don't think he has sufficiently answered the question. he made money off that hate-filled newsletter. he should find expose the writer, he/she is probably still spewing hate so it wouldn't affect their life in the least. but it's hurting paul's campaign. as someone else pointed out, the newsletter is 20 years old, when he was in his 50's. if it was 50 years old when he was 20, i may be more inclined to give him a pass.


This is old news. The only answer (AFAIK) Paul has not given is the name of the author of the racist articles. I can see good & honorable reasons for this. The author (& family, if any) could suffer as a result of such disclosure. If the media were truly interested in reporting the facts here,they could replay the RP interview vid.s from '08 and the statements of NAACP's chairman re. Ron Paul and this issue.


The only one that looks bad here is CNN, for what they have tried to do to R. Paul !!! It's all becoming VERY clear to the people, blinders are coming off.... we are on our way to freedom!


Let's see the media provide one instance of him being racist on tape, audio or video. They can't. Conversely, let's see them show all the hundreds of times, he has defended individual rights (and Blacks) on tape, audio and video. They won't. I am sick and tired of the Lame Stream Media and this is going to rebound on them severly. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not because they are shameless. Most are nothing more than 'attack dog's' for the Democratic party and now its Ron Paul's turn as he is gaining in the polls. Honor, integrity and journalistic independence is dead in the Lame Stream Media world. They are hopeless.


LOL! Those are not new questions. They have been asking him for years. He always gives the same answer. There are many websites and news letters with Ron Paul's name. He is an icon but he isn't affiliated with any of them. I would challenge CNN to tell us who the author of those particular stories is.


Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate for President in 2012 that always has, presently does, always will speak the TRUTH!


Aw, the real scoop. Gloria Borger is married to a guy that runs a media think tank in Washington D.C. who work primarily for the government agencies. A real cash cow, threatened by Ron Paul's plans for responsible cuts to FAT GOVERNMENT WASTE like funding this media think tank. Just follow the money, and you'll usually find the motive.

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