Ron Paul to Launch Third Party White House Bid?

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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is doing well in the polls these days, but it's talk of potential third-party bid that really worries the GOP establishment.

In a campaign stop in Plaistow, N.H., the first primary state (the Iowa caucuses are Jan. 3, followed by New Hampshire's election 10), the topic came up again.

The Texas Congressman was asked if a third party run for the presidency would lead to easy re-election for President Barack Obama, and if he'd consider it.

"You'll have to ask the other candidates if they're interested," Paul said.

Paul's libertarian views, devoted followers and strong fundraising all fuel talk that if he fails to win the GOP nomination, he could mount an independent run next fall.

He denies interest in any such thing, but won't rule it out altogether. Paul also fielded the same question on Hannity after last week's GOP debate. Check it out:


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that is a great article that you reference....very informative and well worth the time to read. the more people become educated on the issues at hand the more they will see that Ron Paul is the only REAL candidate. i think the key hurdle is getting people to understand that his views aren't foreign or new or extreme but are very much the view that our founding fathers had. its just hard for people to swallow a non-interventionist policy when we've been beating the war drum for so long. RESTORE AMERICA NOW!! RON PAUL 2012!!!


the whore media hollywood dosent cares if dr.pual runs third party.they just what him to say its a possibility that he might run. so they car try and smear his republican name and the whore media can say see republican voters ron pual is not a real republican so go vote for one of the corripret sponcerd flakes. p.s I know my spelling sucks sorry.

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