Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Don't Leave Me!!!

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In the supermarket tabloid world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be married... but that doesn't mean all is well in nuptial paradise.

The relationship is hanging by an imaginary thread, in fact, as the latest issue of OK! Weekly claims Rob is pleading with Kristen to remain by his side and ignore rumors that he cheated on her with actress Sarah Roemer.

Problems for Robsten?!?

“Rob’s in total panic mode at the thought of losing Kristen,” an insider alleges. “He’s desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee."

This same source says Stewart has always feared she'd lose Pattinson to an admirer and has "never been able to relax the whole time she’s been with him," constantly fearing the worst: infidelity.

The actor's supposed plan to prove his feelings? Purchase an inscribed, personally-designed diamond ring for his girlfriend and propose. But... wait. Aren't they already married?!? (See first link, above). These tabloids really need to keep their stories straight.

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OMG People whoever said they were actually even really together in the first place!!!!! Not them they have never even admited that they were together!!!!! You people trash this magazine because you don't like what they have to say but you read the other tabloids probably owned by the same company because you like to hear that they are together.... It's so stupid how people think it's so cute or oh they should be together just because they made the Twilight MOVIES THEY ARE CHARACTERS FROM A BOOK!!!!! Yes I like The Twilight books and movies I perfer the books over the movies but most of you fell in love with the Edward Bella story Vampires and Wolves!!!! Not Robert and Kristen THEY ARE NOT EDWARD AND BELLA AND NEVER COULD BE!!!! SO ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER AND LEAVE THEM ALONE IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!!!! But that is just my opinon...




could happen you never know, couples always have problems in there relationships expesially in hollywood due to press and other stuff. Robert Pattinson is famous due to his roles in recent movies. just to let all fans know they could split up and never be back together. it could shock all fans then boom what will happen next to these two. they will move on and have someone else in there lives. they DONT have to be together if they dont want to be.


Rob reminds me of a younger Jude law Not Good lol run Kristen....


Ok seriously? If this is true then it's the tabloids fault for printing bullshit made up stories just to cause drama for the happily married couples out there in Hollywood. What needs to happen is the tabloids need to actually research their information. But I'm like everyone else I highly doubt that Kristen and Rob are in trouble in fact I think this is just media hype trying to get them to be miserable and lash out like Britney Spears did when she had too much.


ha yeah right! rob and kris are INLOVE i don't even think rob would even think about cheating on her! Shoot i bet there laughing at this right now!


i will never buy a mag. again they are so hurtful why try to say things that are not true u can tell rob in that car is scared to death and not because he is cheating but because of what lies they will make up.


this trash-writing should be illegal. get your facts BEFORE you write....oh...that's right....writing about garbage means we will read your article!!! well, i did, but only in defense of Kristen and Robert...and now i really hate you (can you guess what movie that's from?). good thing the internet is free cuz you won't get a dime from me. oh, robert, when will we see your beautiful face again?!?


Can't believe OK! is running this story after it has been squashed as trash for over a week and proven an innocent GROUP outing for business. In the photos the car is clearly full of people not just Rob and the girl - he is not even looking at her. Some tabloids tried to crop down the photos to make it look like more than it was and even in those pics it is clear there are other people in the car. Such TRASH - unbelievable that even OK! would run this story...


It's transparent to anyone with half a brain and two eyes in their head. The OK magazine story is TOTAL CRAP!!!!! They stoop to amzing lengths to sell their mag. I hope Kris and Rob get a really good laugh out of this one!!