Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Don't Leave Me!!!

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In the supermarket tabloid world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be married... but that doesn't mean all is well in nuptial paradise.

The relationship is hanging by an imaginary thread, in fact, as the latest issue of OK! Weekly claims Rob is pleading with Kristen to remain by his side and ignore rumors that he cheated on her with actress Sarah Roemer.

Problems for Robsten?!?

“Rob’s in total panic mode at the thought of losing Kristen,” an insider alleges. “He’s desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee."

This same source says Stewart has always feared she'd lose Pattinson to an admirer and has "never been able to relax the whole time she’s been with him," constantly fearing the worst: infidelity.

The actor's supposed plan to prove his feelings? Purchase an inscribed, personally-designed diamond ring for his girlfriend and propose. But... wait. Aren't they already married?!? (See first link, above). These tabloids really need to keep their stories straight.

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Seriously,Ok! Magazine should stop making up things Butt Out!


Really... just leave them alone.. Let them live their life.. I love u Rob and Kristin


Seriously, these magazines make up so much shit! It makes me angry. Leave them alone.


Ok magazine sucks but I knew their relationship wouldn't go as far once Twilight finishes... Kristen is big timing it now and Robert, well he many movies has he signed for after Twilight!? Stewart signed up for at least three major roles for after Twilight...


I can't believe you people care. LOL. These celebrities probably laugh at how emotional you people get over "their" lives. Get a life man!


all the ppl that think how this is ridiculous raise your hands! yup. thought one believes this shit...why write it then???..poor rob and kris...


More bullshit, different day. If no one has noticed, Kristen Stewart is incredibly secure and has shown little if any worries regarding Rob's activities when they're apart. They've spent much more time apart than this and everything went fine. Anyway, do you really think Rob is so stupid as to be with another woman in front of flashing cameras and other spectators so all the trash mags can get a juicy article? They've been able to maintain a great relationship for several years now and it would be ridiculous to believe it's all of a sudden gone to shit over some anonymous blonde.


really now!! Who ever said it was a crime to hang with friends of the opposite sex without your better half. Relationships are about trust and if they really love each other they have nothing to fear. The way they look at each other does not take a genius to figure out they have a strong bond its jst sad that people will never be happy for u & always want 2 start trouble forgetting that it hurts. The constant pressure they have to endure from the media, time apart because of work commitments & now outrageous lies. When does it end! let them be!! They should jst maintain a united front cause no relationship can survive with a 3rd party. After reading Kristen's love advice I think the girl has her head screwed on nicely & she wouldn't let any1 take her 4 a ride plus the way Rob looks at her its plain to see he is not interested in any1else.


Ok magazine is nothing but trash do not believe this article, Rob loves Kristen and would not cheat on her. Kristen is a smart woman and she is nobodys fool, she knows if he is lying or telling the truth. Just let them alone.


Why do people make up crap all the time?

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