Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Don't Leave Me!!!

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In the supermarket tabloid world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be married... but that doesn't mean all is well in nuptial paradise.

The relationship is hanging by an imaginary thread, in fact, as the latest issue of OK! Weekly claims Rob is pleading with Kristen to remain by his side and ignore rumors that he cheated on her with actress Sarah Roemer.

Problems for Robsten?!?

“Rob’s in total panic mode at the thought of losing Kristen,” an insider alleges. “He’s desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee."

This same source says Stewart has always feared she'd lose Pattinson to an admirer and has "never been able to relax the whole time she’s been with him," constantly fearing the worst: infidelity.

The actor's supposed plan to prove his feelings? Purchase an inscribed, personally-designed diamond ring for his girlfriend and propose. But... wait. Aren't they already married?!? (See first link, above). These tabloids really need to keep their stories straight.

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It's funny how people buy into this garbage, if it was true WOW, AMAZING who gives a flying fuck. They're old enough to work out their problems, worry about your own life before you worry about others. It's so amazing how people seem so absorbed in their personal love lives.


ok This is a lie rob wouldnt cheat on kristen he loves her its a lie to get you to buy the mag. ok soo dont listen to them ILY ROB AND KRIST they are great together!! :)


it was a business meeting! their a great couple and seem really happy with one another


jelousy is always a part of a relationship especially when your as hot as rob and as gorgeous as kristen but they hve nothing to worry about bcuz they seem like a perfect couple i dont think any of them would cheat


if youre calling them talboids doesnt that make all of yall stupid lying ahss talboids cause dhat kristen stewart aint even married damn near engaged dhey jus luv each other dearly but dhey iz write about him hangin wit another gurl,kristens pissed but he aint proposed DHUMM AHSS TALBIODS DONT LISSEN 2 THE MUTHAFUKIN MAGAZINE,YALL get it. good.okkkay


Lies ok same crap all the time rob cheating blah blah blah


Came across this on accident but everyone needs to worry about there own life stop reading bullshit magazines ur just making them populer bye talkin about it its rob and kristen not rob kristen and the world•


Seriously people, Rob didn't cheat on Kristen with Sara, it was A BUSINESS meeting.. OK! Magazine is full of lies they should be shut down. Everything they publish is an incorrect statement. This magazine is useless solely for the gossip.. stop reading there stuff its not true none of it.. !


if rob was so worried about losing kristin why woyld he put him self in situations that could be assumed as him cheating i mean hanging out with ur female friends r fine but when u know they like you why the hell would u be alone with them come on rob your smarter then that and kristin shouldnt be so worried all the time point blank if you cant trust your partener whats the point in the relationship?


personaly if rob was so worried about losing kristin he wouldnt be doing the things tha