Rick Perry Christmas Ad Must Be Seen to Be Believed

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Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry has rolled out a new campaign ad, one unlike any you've seen before. And quite possibly for good reason.

Like the infamous Herman Cain smoking ad, you see it once and think "No, this has to be a parody." Then you watch it again, and nope, it's sure not.

The Cliff Notes: Perry is strong. Obama loves gays and hates Christmas. Nice.

Give the Texas Governor credit for melding every wedge issue - homosexuals serving in the military, Barack Obama, the secularization of America, and people who don't celebrate Christmas - into an ad less than 30 seconds long. Skillfull!

While Perry is clearly gearing the ad toward a segment of the Iowa electorate and it may well prove to be effective, it has 3,213 likes and 138,473 dislikes on YouTube.

Sort of like how Perry polls a lot of places.

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>:V IT WAS FUN. Ah, well, soohcl itself started about a month ago xD Uni students start later. But yeah, the joy of being opposite to pretty much everywhere.


I think any President,should have served in the Military!not just good at giving speeches.


Wow. I'm glad I live in Canada. Harper is PERFECTLY NORMAL compared to this!


The ad doesn't "defy comprehension" at all.
You see, the..uhh..."special interests" (let's say, as to not activate 'key-word' jam) sock-puppet Rick Perry's new mandate, now that he's been EXPOSED as a sock-puppet is to make the other establishment sock-puppets Mitt and Newt look good.
So by crafting an ad with which to belittle Perry, they also belittle the message, thereby, with the mainstream media's collaboration (which the criminals also own, so they can spin whatever they want however they want)brainwashing the sheeple to favour the contrary view, since the messenger is so belittled.
The conrary message is: Promote homosexuality. Christianity is not important. Christ is not important.
Get the message? Consider who BENEFITS from this after all...
This is how criminal propaganda works. You are being deceived.
Wake up, patriots.


Yeah but for him to say 'gays can openly serve int he military' as if it's something completely abnormal..they should've always been able to i mean thats discrimination just as it is against color... he said it as if it's so strange and compared it to religion in schools. im not saying religion shouldnt be practiced in some schools but the gay comparison was just too much.


at least he is being honest! which is more than most! you know where he stands and what he believes!


If he became president I think I'd leave the country.