President Obama Attacked By Cute Baby

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President Barack Obama blended his roles as dad and commander-in-chief on Christmas, spending time with his family and U.S. service members stationed in Hawaii.

Posing for a picture with the leader of the free world, one young American was far from intimidated. In fact, the youngster proceeded to maul the President's face!

No word on how the Secret Service handles situations like these, or if the little one was interrogated. Watch the amusing video of Obama and a hands-on baby below:

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Obama love's the baby's he extra take care of the baby!!!!


I'm trying to view video on kindle fire. It won't let me. Suggestion on what I'm doing wrong?


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Oh shut-up Reed... your idiocy is showing. I suppose to some people, even the sweetest of gestures will be villified.


There is something about this guy that just doesn't add up! This Country is hurting like crazy and he is playing Golf. When he is in front of the Camera it's like he has this Chip on his Shoulder. There is this under the surface resentment.
His body language says " Fuck You America" I'm in charge Now! It's payback time! When the Rev. Wright is where he goes on Sundays it all adds up. This guy doesn't give a shit about this Country. He will not bargain. He will not stand up to China. His Ego will not let him!He is arrogant. He is not a Leader of anything but dividing! It's what he does best!