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Amy Winehouse's final, posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will officially hit stores tomorrow. The new album cover has been unveiled ahead of the release.

Like her Back to Black art, it's understated with a classic feel.

The cover is vintage Amy Winehouse, with her trademark beehive, '60s style winged black eyeliner and tattoos, her eyes downcast in a vulnerable, melancholy state ...

Amy Winehouse Lioness Album Cover

The photo, taken by singer Bryan Adams of all people in 2007, is subtle and tasteful, to be expected given that the album has received the Winehouse family's blessing.

In related news, the printed chiffon Disaya-designed dress the late star wore for the cover of Back to Black, the Grammy-winning 2006 smash, has been auctioned.

Proceeds from the sale - $68,000 by a Chilean music museum, randomly - will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, as will money made her new album sales.

Amy Winehouse Back to Black Album Cover

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

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This is sort of becoming Drew Ryniewicz's thing.

Two weeks after slowing down a U2 classic, the 14-year old X Factor finalist did the same for Michael Jackson's iconic "Billie Jean." She never even stood up from her seat on a chair, earning praise from Paula Abdul that it was her "best vocal performance" to date.

Do you agree? Watch Drew sing a version of this track similar to one put on by David Cook during his winning American Idol season. Not bad company to be compared to, is it? Ryniewicz has a series shot at joining Cook as a reality show champion...

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A Michigan State cheerleader was motionless for eight minutes at the university's men's basketball game last night after falling during a routine and landing on her neck.

Emergency personnel raced to her aide after the frightening episode.

ESPN announcers later said that the cheerleader - who gave a thumbs-up sign while being carried out - is in stable condition and is able to move her arms and legs.

Brave girl. We wish her a prompt and full recovery ...

THG NOTE: The Spartans did their fallen cheerleader proud by defeating visiting FSU in the ACC/Big 10 challenge, 65-49, to move to 5-2 on the year. Goooo State!

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Mindy McCready, who was allegedly missing with her son as recently as yesterday, has been found, alive and well ... and is pregnant with twins! Yikes!

The troubled singer set off alarms yesterday by not bringing her 5-year-old son, of whom she does not have legal custody, back home to her parents.

She ultimately cleared that up ... and then revealed via her rep that she is five months along. No other details, such as who the father is, are known.

Mindy McCready Image

McCready is in Nashville with the boy, who she took without permission, and will likely miss the deadline the court set (5 p.m. today) for her to return Zander.

A warrant may be issued for her the pregnant star's arrest if she doesn't show up at her parents' house with Zander in tow. But it looks like that won't happen.

Police confirmed that they were not treating McCready and her son Zander's absence as a missing persons case any longer and that the pair were safe.

So that's good at least. Congrats on the impending arrivals ... although we are a little scared based on her track record about her ability to handle it.


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If Twitter had its way, Katy Perry would have been pregnant and divorced several times by now, so why did the latest rumor of her impending split with Russell Brand gain traction? Several outlets running with the supposed impending split as fact, for one.

Also, neither Katy nor Russell directly addressed the reports ... and she Tweets A LOT.

A rep for Russell even denied it to a UK paper, but still it raged on. What gives?

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Pic

Katy and Russell as we like to picture them.

Most outlets that repeated the rumor seemed to credit none other than celebrity gossip kingpin TMZ with the supposed scoop, claiming that the site posted, and then quickly removed, a story claiming that divorce was nigh between the couple.

However, TMZ chief Harvey Levin, took to Twitter himself to shoot that down.

"A news outlet saying TMZ posted a story Katy Perry is getting divorced," he tweeted. "We did not post such a story ... just made a call ... 100% NO DIVORCE."

Phew. Unlike Twitter trends, if Harvey says it on Twitter, we believe it.

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