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Amid reports that she may be rekindling a romance with Chris Brown, a svelte Rihanna hit the beach in her native Barbados, without a care in the world.

Without much covering her up, too, it turned out.

Hanging out with her little brother at the time, the star was in a family-oriented mood, but certain images that resulted from her romp in the sea were anything but.

Rihanna's orange bikini turned transparent in the water. Take a look:

  • Rihanna in Bikini Picture
  • Rihanna Nipple Slip
  • Rihanna, Bikini

Rihanna makes a splash in the Caribbean.

She may be bad, but she's perfectly good at it, and if Rihanna pictures like these surface as a result, we doubt many people will be complaining too loud.

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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Lady Gaga's officially going public with boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

With a series of just-released photos in which she makes no attempt to hide her affection, the 25-year-old is finally acknowledging what we've known for months: She and The Vampire Diaries' Taylor Kinney are an item, and a cute one at that.

Sources say they're taking it slow, but definitely going strong.

  • Taylor Kinney Image
  • Lady Gaga in Japan

Gaga, who first met Kinney on the set of her "You and I" music video (below) when he starred as her love interest and makeout partner, casually slung her arm over her boyfriend's shoulder as they strolled along a California beach.

While the pair appear cozy and are getting along fabulously, a source close to Gaga insists they're not super serious - mostly because of the strains of her career.

"They're hooking up and getting to know each other," explains the insider. "Gaga can't be too committed because she works 24/7. But she thinks he's the best!"

Good to hear. Let's just hope they make time for each other!


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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are so in a fight.

No, seriously, it's bad. So much so that the spouses of a little more than one year parted on expletive terms and spent the holidays 7,000 miles apart.

After planning to fly her family via private jet to husband Brand's London hometown for the holidays, Perry changed course, opting to fly to Hawaii.

The reason? "They had a massive fight," an insider says. "She was like, 'F--k you. I'm going to do my own thing.' Russell replied, 'Fine, f--k you too.'"

Perry and Brand

Which explains why, come December 25, the record-setting singer was seen splashing in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Kauai sans wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Brand was catching up with some pals in a pub in chilly Coverack, Cornwall, without his ring on either. They're definitely having problems.

"They haven't split up just yet, but things aren't good," acknowledged the source, adding that the divorce rumors are untrue, but rooted in reality.

"The fighting is getting worse."

At issue? Among other things, explains another source: "Katy doesn't think that Russell respects her parents' Christian beliefs or her friends."

UPDATE: Looks like it's officially over, as the actor filed divorce papers today. Follow the link for the scoop on Russell Brand and Katy Perry's divorce.


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Troubled actor Jeremy London will be charged with domestic violence following an alleged attack on his spouse in Palm Springs last month, reports say.

Area cops were on the lookout for London to question him about the fight, during which Jeremy allegedly injured estranged wife Melissa Cunningham.

The ex-couple was fighting over custody of their son, when London flew off the handle, then fled without a trace, leading authorities to search for him.

He's communicated with police via his lawyers.

Jeremy London Photo

The Riverside County D.A.'s office has made a decision to charge Jeremy London with misdemeanor domestic violence. If convicted, he may face a year in jail.

A rep for the star said, "The allegation is false and no such abuse occurred."

"It is unfortunate that the Riverside DA's Office has elected to reward Melissa's malicious behaviour and disregard the facts regarding the incident."


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Rumors about Beyonce giving birth are currently blowing up Twitter, but have yet to be confirmed by the singer, husband Jay-Z, or any reputable source for that matter.

So ... there you are.

The (very possibly made-up) consensus seems to be that Beyonce welcomed a girl into the world this week, and that the little bundle of joy is named Tiana-May Carter.

Twitter makes up cute names at least.

Pregnant Beyonce Pic

The rumors we've read online - again, these are just rumors from social media, not even celebrity gossip sources - say she was taken to St. Luke's Hospital in New York City, and overnight, word spread that she had delivered a daughter.

Multiple outlets have picked up the story, but all cited the growing buzz on Twitter as the source and nothing more. She's due in February, so it's probably baseless chatter at this point, but also not impossible for her to give birth early.

Twitter also made Jon Bon Jovi dead recently. At least this is a nicer rumor.

Either way, the final countdown, which began after Beyonce's pregnancy reveal at the MTV VMAs, to the birth of the most famous celebrity babies in years is either over, or close to being over. We'll keep you posted as we learn more!


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We've reached the top of our Celebrity of the Year countdown. Or, as many might say, given the winner, the bottom.

The THG staff has spent the last couple weeks breaking down the most newsworthy stars of 2011, from Lindsay Lohan at #10, up to the impressive comeback of Jennifer Lopez at #9, to the popularity of Selena Gomez at #8 and the hilarity of viral video stars at #7.

There was the hit-generating Katy Perry at #6, Justin Bieber and his hair at #5, those gorgeous British Royal Family members at #4, Charlie Sheen and his winning ways at #3 and the most charitable, eccentric celeb of all at #2, Lady Gaga.

So who remains? The woman who accomplished both everything and nothing in 2011, our #1 selection of the year... Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian Motivational Poster

For the record, this is a business decision. We do not like Kim Kardashian. We wish we never had to write a word about Kim Kardashian. We fail to see why a single human being is a fan of Kim Kardashian. But the facts speak for themselves, and no celebrity made more headlines in 2011. Consider:

In JANUARY: Kim kicked off the new year by debuting a single that made Kim Zolciak sound like Whitney Houston. She also met the family of Kris Humphries for the first time and premiered the highly-rated, critically-lambasted Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

In February: She starred in a Super Bowl commercial and whined over her latest nude photo spread. It also came out that she and her family made $65 million in 2010.

In MARCH: She appeared in a Midori ad campaign, as buzz first circulated that she might marry Humphries.

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Cheryl Cole and Taio Cruz are making some beautiful music together ... sorta. Well, no, they definitely are, but only maybe in the way we're making it sound.

The pair, who have been collaborating on music together and are also rumored to be seeing each other, are attending a New Year's Eve party in L.A. 

According to Perez Hilton, it's their "coming out" as a couple!

  • A Cheryl Cole Image
  • Taio Cruz Photo

An insider explains: "Taio is starting to sort out his New Year's Eve and if he's performing, like he did last year, he wants to party with Cheryl Cole."

"In the run up to Christmas, he's had two shows in California, which I hear he invited Cheryl to attend. Taio is hoping to lay on a night to remember."

The insider continues: "He and Cheryl have both had a tough 2011. He'll want to have the best party night - they'll both be keen for 2012 to start."

Cole, who was ousted from The X Factor before its first season, has had a tough go of it in the love department. Hopefully Taio takes her "Higher." Sorry.


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TLC's latest reality show All-American Muslim, which follows the lives of contemporary U.S. Muslim households, is (not surprisingly) drawing criticism from many.

But is it warranted?

An upcoming episode focused on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and how the show's cast members feel about them, ignited a firestorm of controversy.

The episode airs Sunday, but the series first attracted attention earlier this month when a conservative Christian group called on advertisers to boycott the series.

Some critics call All-American Muslim "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."

Home improvement chain Lowe's and travel planning site Kayak (dot) com announced they were pulling ads, which led to backlash against the companies.

Filming for the controversial reality TV series took place during commemorations for the 10th anniversary of the attacks this September, heightening tensions.

Both TLC and the Muslims it depicts, which live in and around Dearborn, Mich., wanted to address the topic. How do you think their message will be received?

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A lurid, accusatory letter that led to the demise of Mark Hurd as Hewlett-Packard's CEO in 2012 has been made public after the Delaware Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the infamous letter be released, despite Hurd's strong objections.

The court did not actually release the letter, but it was obtained by several news outlets.

The eight-page account, written in June 2010 by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred (obviously) depicts in detail the story of Hurd repeatedly soliciting sex from Jodie Fisher, a greeter at Hewlett-Packard events and former reality TV star.

Mark Hurd, Jodie Fisher

The letter claims that over the course of two years, Hurd pushed Fisher to meet him for dinner, give him hugs, sleep in his room and have sex with him, despite her continuous rejections.

Fisher said in a statement last year that the letter contained "many inaccuracies," and she noted that she believed Mark Hurd's behavior was not "detrimental to HP."

Nevertheless, the scandal eventually led to Hurd's ouster from HP.

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According to his rep, Ashton Kutcher will not be ringing in the new year with a new romantic interest on his arm.

Following a Tweeted photo of himself and Lorene Scafaria in Italy this week, chatter naturally grew that the actor and the screenwriter were now an item.

Ashton Kutcher and Lorene Scafaria

But the two "are just friends," Kutcher's rep tells People. "They are working on a potential project together about an Italian soccer team."

Well, that does make sense. Ashton knows a lot about scoring.

Scafaria previously dated Adam Brody and wrote the screenplay for Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Kutcher, of course, split from Demi Moore this year after she got sick of his wandering penis.

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