Packers Fan Slams Ex-Boyfriend on Best Sign Ever

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Green Bay Packers fans are like no other. The Wisconsin city and its ticket-holders actually own the team, and season tickets are an invaluable commodity there.

As you can imagine, that made tickets to the Christmas game with the arch nemesis Bears the hottest (coldest?) ticket in town ... and a great vehicle for REVENGE!

If her sign is to be believed, this female Packer backer not only dissed one jackass guy in particular, she let a national TV audience know she was smart enough to move on.

  1. Wouldn't it be funny if the guy actually saw this from the couch?
  2. "Ho-Ho-Home Field Advantage" isn't terrible either ...
Packers Fan Sign

Nicely played, Packers fan. Not nicely played, Packers fan's ex-boyfriend.

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bcinton, that says it all. The only reason a man strays is because the woman isn't taking care of things the way she is suppose to. Thats the lesson woman should take from this. Women, take care of your man properly, and he won't go looking for another. But again, this is a Wisconsin woman we are talking about, so I'm sure there are quite a few more issues then her lack of talent


Right on sister...right on!!!!


Are You Sure She Was not The One Cheating And Stole his tickets Because a lier and a cheater will do just about anything and then make a sign like the one pictured i know i was with a women from Illinois who was off using my bears tickets with her boyfriend while i was working offshore so don't judge till you know for sure she might be the cheater stealer and lier and not him because contrary to what you all may think women are not beyond lieing stealing or CHEATING fact is they do it more often than men do. Now I will say once again I Don't Know the Situation but i know what i was put through by a thing of the female species and even when i caught her she called my family and told them i was cheating on her but she didnt realise that 1 month before she made her acusation someone from my family had taken pictures and sent them to me thats why i came home early and caught her myself so please be fair and reserve judgement till you know the whole story


If she was any good, he wouldnt be out there foolin around


Remember to be forgiving as well.


That is indeed pretty funny


It wouls have been better if she had refered to him as her "ex boyfriend stump"


Too bad she didn't actually put his name up there - let the single ladies of the world know exactly which loser to steer clear of


LOL!! I saw this when they panned over the crowd. AGREED - Best Sign EVER!!!! You are too good for him anyway!!!


We were watching the game when they showed her and the sign. too funny. We sat there and just laughed! Good for you girlfriend!!