Packers Fan Slams Ex-Boyfriend on Best Sign Ever

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Green Bay Packers fans are like no other. The Wisconsin city and its ticket-holders actually own the team, and season tickets are an invaluable commodity there.

As you can imagine, that made tickets to the Christmas game with the arch nemesis Bears the hottest (coldest?) ticket in town ... and a great vehicle for REVENGE!

If her sign is to be believed, this female Packer backer not only dissed one jackass guy in particular, she let a national TV audience know she was smart enough to move on.

  1. Wouldn't it be funny if the guy actually saw this from the couch?
  2. "Ho-Ho-Home Field Advantage" isn't terrible either ...
Packers Fan Sign

Nicely played, Packers fan. Not nicely played, Packers fan's ex-boyfriend.

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Way to go girl glad you were the one with the tickets.


People take things soooo critique why or why not someone would carry a sign into a game the way she did or whether of not someone has moved on or not...UGH...the girl was having fun. Perhaps still bitter but can still move on. She made a good move wtih the sign....good way to diss him. She didn't use his name so it's all in good taste. "Jerbin"...everyone has their opinion to beauty...she is a nice looking need for insults.


Priceless, what's her number?


Not surprised he cheated on her after looking at her face.


jabba......go back to your cave you sexist pig!


Yeah, went on public nationally, there is nothing wrong with that. Want the world to know that the football team is more impt than her ex, carried a sign is a way of getting over it...


OOh Joyce & Caroline you sound so bitter. Go buy yourself another pair of Birkenstocks, when you get home put in your favorite Melissa Ethridgw CD and you'll feel better.




How can it be said she moved on if she is still stewing so much she had to carry a sign like that into Lambeau? Maybe it is because I am a Bears' fan...but I don't understand how being so obsessed by something that you have to carry a sign into a stadium...rather than having signs which have to do with anything on the field...means a person has "moved on". Moving on means finding another partner and forgetting the old one...and everything he has done. It means it is as if the cheating ex never existed.............


I laughed so hard when I seen this on Sunday. Lol.