Octomom Actually Paid to Star on Ustream Show

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In some of the craziest celebrity news we've reported in hours, Nadya Suleman is actually going to be paid to dole out parenting advice - and paid a lot, to boot.

Octo just locked down a six-figure deal to star in her own show on Ustream.

Nadya will stream this live from her home Sundays. So what's it about?

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On the Usteam show, the mother of 14 will be talking about subjects like "Parenting, fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping on a budget and all those crazy rumors."

Can you even handle the anticipation? It's hard, we know.

The show will launch later this month. No word on who's going to watch the kids while mom's "working" or whether six figures even covers a year's worth of day care for 14 freaking kids. Seriously. Day care is expensive these days.

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I have a lot of free time on my hands now that I'm on home arrest. I'd like to do a show too. I want to do a kids show. I love those kids with all my heart and fondling fingers. We could have lots of fun. Come on over to Uncle Jerry's!


Before anyone compliments her on her mothering, they need to see recent videos of the almost 3 year old octuplets. The poor babies still do not speak, they are blank-faced zombies, they shuffle around with little animation or emotion. What did she do to them? And she's giving parenting advice? My guess is that she wants eight more disability checks so she purposely retarded their development by neglecting them. I know she's mentally ill but I'm completely saddened that she worked her evil on the octuplets. The older children were cared for by Natalie's mother and they are somewhat normal. The babies, not so lucky. Stuck with hourly workers paid to change diapers, nurturing not an option since their real mother doesn't care about anyone but herself. If you want advice ask her what she did and then do exactly the opposite.


I'd like to see that contract. Just because someone said it doesn't make it true. Case in point - Octoscam!


You know what I think that Octomom is doing a great thing. And that her show would really become successful!
At least she is trying to earn money for her family and not going to get a face lifts like Kate.
And to all of you who are against octomom. So what???? Having 1s4 kids is not a bad thing. Every women has a right to have kids(as long as they are straight!!!!!) Angelina can have six kids but Octomom can't. You guys are really stupid. Don't discriminate against her. She Has a right to as many kids as she can handle!!!!
So you haters better start handling the fact that Octomom and her kids are moving forward!!!!!!


I think kate gosselin and octo mom are sisters! their both trying to give advice on things they don't know nothing about. the only diffrence between kate and octo mom is, kate had 8 kids and octo had 14 kids! kate & octo mom are both money hungry and will do anything for a buck even if it hurts their kids. Oh wait, I forgot kate put her kids to work and used her kids so she could get what she wanted, their both self centered mothers, I think kate gosselin is worst than octo mom! They both should be seeking help for their mental issues. 2 sick ladies maybe they could be best friends!!


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