Nike Air Jordan Release Sparks Widespread Chaos

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The holidays always bring out the crazy, but this is absurd.

A version of Nike's Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord shoe went on sale at midnight, with crowds lining up at stores across the country before they were even open.

An early crowd in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, outside D.C., had to dispersed by police this morning after chaos and unruliness ensued, authorities said.

Air Jordans

In Loudoun County, Virginia, more than 250 people gathered in a parking lot at the Dulles Town Center Mall because of advertised sales starting at 3 p.m.

Some managed to enter the mall before it opened, authorities said, overwhelming deputies and mall security and prompting frantic calls for assistance.

No arrests were made, though one woman suffered a leg injury and a pickpocketing was reported. Tickets for entry were later distributed by lottery.

In Annapolis, mall security requested police assistance around 5:30 a.m. Friday when an impatient crowd grew to over 500 people, according to reports.

In Indianapolis, a store’s door was torn off its hinges, while an Atlanta crowd also knocked down doors, and police had to pepper spray Seattle mall-goers.

Hey. This is a once-in-a-lifetime basketball shoe. Burns from pepper spray heal eventually, but there will never be another MJ. Just think about that.

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It really must be a sad life yall live with so much racism and be such a cold hearted person. We are all the same just with different skin color. It really is sad to live in a world where racism still exist..racist people always think they are better than everyone, trust me you are no better than anyone! It honestly breaks my heart at how cold hearted people's just pathetic..I will say though to kiaraj, telling someone to go kill themselves is just as pathetic as being a racist and your just stooping down to their level.


Courtney what's sad is what i saw at a Washington DC store. A black woman in the store pushing another woman over a pair of shoes! Her kid, who was maybe 5, was cussing at the woman that the shoes weren't her's and calling the woman filthy names like ho abd b*tch. THAT is what is sad. I was there and the only ones in the store that I was in were all black and it was total chaos. If you have a problem talk to your people because I have never seen anything like it in my life. No Christmas spirit in that store. Those people were animals.


you people are just sad..breaks my heart to know I live in a world with such cold hearted and pathetic people..must be a shitty life you live with such racism and anger..just sad.


just saw news and woman said she spent her entire month's welfare check on these new shoes. nice to know my hard earned tax dollars are going to a good cause. guess she can find a soup kitchen to get food for her kids. and yes this woman was black.


I am white, and i know MANY white people who waited for these shoes..why in the hell does race even matter in this. I guess some people just cant get over the fact that we are well past segregation (prob spelt that wrong i know ill get bitched at if so). there is always those people who will turn any situation into a race thing. get over yourself. your not special because your white, or because you black or any other race. we are all the same. we all have good people, trash people, and just complete idiots. if your still stuck on the race thing, then you have to have one pathetic life.


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KiaraJ you are so naive....just go to any news site and only black people are holding the shoes with pride. Sometimes it actually is about the race, why don't you take a look around you at the real world we are living in instead of some fantasy you are choosing to believe


Ming, you raciat ass. Get over it. Its almost 2012. People like you always have to make it about race. You are a loser and I feel sad for your children if you ever have any. Get a life or go kill yourself.


and every one of these unruly people are black. and people wonder why non-black people cross the street when a group of black thugs walk by...


@ Free Britney,
Keep the laughs coming!!
You are alright in my book, I don't care what everybody else have to say about you.
That last paragraph regarding pepper spray was "too hot to handle" but all in good humor.
I am so looking forward to your reporting in The New Year.
Happy Holiday (Holy Days) and continued Blessings to you and Family!!